Journey of Reconciliation

Journey of Reconciliation Conference

February 14-17, 2018
Medicine Hat College

This four-day conference is intended to engage participants in a collective journey of reconciliation. Through community ceremony, collective sharing, engagement and hands-on teachings, participants will be invited to walk a path together in learning about our shared history and what our roles are and can be in reconciliation. 

Hosted in partnership by Medicine Hat College, Rotary of Medicine Hat & District, Miywasin Friendship Centre and The Blood Tribe Department of Health Inc., this conference is offered FREE of charge.

Please note: registration for conference sessions on Feb. 16 is now closed. 


February 14
February 15
February 16

February 17

Sacred Fire

Ceremony: Saamis Tepee
Lunch*: Crowfoot Room, MHC

9AM - 3PM

*registration required for lunch only

Red Dress Project

Centennial Hall, MHC

1PM - 4PM

Conference Sessions*

Various locations, MHC

9AM - 4PM

*registration is now closed

Blanket Exercise & Round Dance

Cafeteria, MHC

9AM - 4PM

Red Talks

Eresman Theatre, MHC

6PM - 9PM





Feb 14 / 9AM - 3PM / Saamis Tepee & MHC Crowfoot Room
Please join us for the start of our Journey of Reconciliation at the Saamis Tepee site. The Sacred Fire is a ceremony in which Elders and Knowledge Keepers honor the beginning of the Journey to Reconciliation Conference. All community members are invited to attend the Scared Fire and engage in a community pipe ceremony hosted by Blackfoot Elders and Knowledge Keepers. Protocol and traditional teachings will be shared by the Elders. There will also be a guest drum group from the Cree Nation.
After the Sacred Fire Ceremony is complete, we will gather back at Medicine Hat College in the Crowfoot Room for a light lunch and more teachings from our Elders. This event is open to all community members.

Feb 14 / 6PM - 9PM / Eresman Theatre, MHC

Join in the journey of reconciliation through oral sharing! This evening will be filled with inspiration, innovative thinking and powerful talks in Indigenous knowledge as three speakers from different Nations and walks of life share their Red Talk:

  • Denise Henning  - Walking in Two Worlds
  • Brenda Mercer – My Journey of Resilience
  • Charles Wood – Truth and Reconciliation

This is an opportunity for community members to come and be engaged in the stories, truths and realities of these honored guests. No registration is required. This event is open to all community members.

Feb 15 / 1PM - 4PM / Centennial Hall, MHC

Come gather together under a sea of red dresses to honor and bring awareness to Murdered and Missing Indigenous Woman of Canada. Join us as we share and engage in acknowledging this aesthetic response to the more than 500 missing and murdered Indigenous woman. Drawing attention to the gendered and racialized nature of violent crimes against Indigenous women the installation seeks to evoke a presence through the marking of absence.

Feb 16 / 9AM - 4PM / Various Locations, MHC

We are pleased to provide a full day of engaging and interactive conference sessions! See below for session details. Registration is required.

Feb 17 / 9AM - 4PM / Cafeteria, MHC

We are honored to facilitate the KAIROS Blanket Exercise for all community members! The Blanket Exercise is a teaching tool to share the historic and contemporary relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada. This exercise will immerse participants in different areas of learning of our shared history as well as the truths that were never shared. This community exercise will provide opportunities to be an active participant or to learn from watching/listening. For a visual of the Blanket Exercise, please follow the link provided. (

After the Blanket Exercise, please join us for the celebration of friendship and new beginnings through a Round Dance! All community members are encouraged to come and join in the Cree Nation’s traditional dance of honoring those before us and the new path of reconciliation! 



Thank you to everyone who has registered in advance for our conference sessions. Registration for sessions is now closed.
Please note: lunch is the responsibility of registered participants.

Our Shared History – Residential School Legacy [Whitney Ogle]
Join our own Medicine Hat College Indigenous Liaison as she invites you to participate and engage in the legacy of Residential Schools, looking at past, today and future impacts. This session is eye opening and emotionally intense but also creates a safe space for the learning and supports the conversation needed for reconciliation.

Native Traditional Games [Sabrina Prince and Carol Syrette]
Join Sabrina Prince and Carol Syrette of Miywasin Friendship Center as they get you moving. Laughing and learning through Native Traditional Games. Come prepared to move around and have fun with this ladies as they provide teachings around our traditional games and physical literacy. 

The Miracle of Forgiveness [Lance Scout]
Please join Knowledge Keeper, Lance Scout of the Blood Tribe as he shares the Miracle of Forgiveness. Participants will be engaged to look at what is the meaning of forgiveness. Journey with Lance as he takes you down a path or reconciliation through forgiveness principles – Love & Compassion, Circle, Spear and Star Analogies. “Recognizing that forgiveness is the only way back to the center of your innocence”.

Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women [Janice Randhile]
Participants are invited to sit and listen to the realities and stories of our Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women of Canada. Please join Janice Randhile as she shares her experiences from both a professional and personal view and explore the truth of the dark realities between Canada and Indigenous Women.  

Uncover, Recover and Discover [Noreen Demeria]
Noreen Demeria has over 10 years of “hands on” experience in Expressive Arts. Personal experience, education and employment opportunities have solidified Noreen’s belief in social justice rather than black letter of the law justice. Her passion is to assist community “Uncover, Recover and Discover”; self-determination and empowerment. One thing remains consistent, Noreen, seeks to empower individuals and community through their own creative voice. Noreen has utilized art to break through the residual effects of inter-generational trauma and has challenged systemic barriers by assisting people in finding a creative outlet.  

Contact information:
Whitney Ogle
Phone: 403.504.3503