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Board of Governors Policies

Medicine Hat College's Board of Governors guide the progress of the college by developing and monitoring operation policy provided below. 

All previously approved policies, or the procedures specific to any of the listed policies, may be requested by contacting the Board's executive assistant at boardea@mhc.ab.ca.

Board Policy, effective May 16, 2023

FIN 01: Budgeting
FIN 02: Assets
FIN 03: Investments
FIN 04: Enterprise Risk Management

GEA 01: Policy on Policy
GEA 02: Role of the Board
GEA 03: President Recruitment and Retention
GEA 04: Delegation to the President and CEO
GEA 05: Strategic Planning
GEA 06: Board Communications
GEA 07: Code of Conduct
GEA 08: Disclosure Protection

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