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Scholarships and Bursaries

Rewarding academic achievement and helping students afford their education are great ways of building a strong community. We invite your contribution to the college's financial awards program that annually provides over $300,000 in direct support to students.

  • Scholarships are financial awards presented to students to recognize academic achievement. Awards can be created to recognize high school accomplishments and encourage students to enter college. Or, you might opt to recognize an individual as they complete various years of a program, or even as they graduate.
  • Bursaries are financial awards presented to students based primarily on financial need. Awards can be created to help students afford their studies help students at various stages of their student career.

Give now to support the college's annual fund which supports areas of greatest need.

Our students are grateful!

“I am aware that the goals I have set for myself are not easy, nor inexpensive, but thanks to the generosity of people such as yourself and some hard work and dedication on my part, I hope to one day achieve these goals.”

“I have a great belief in education, and knowing that there exists people who feel the same, and want to help, make me even more grateful.”

“This scholarship makes it that much easier to achieve my very best and reach my goals…thank you!”

“Words cannot describe how thankful I am to you for this scholarship.”

“This scholarship has helped me start on my dream.”

“Getting a scholarship makes me confident about my future and continues to push me to always do my best.”

“Being a college graduate and young entrepreneur, establishing start up capital is without a doubt the most difficult part of the process. I hope to use this scholarship to establish and legitimize my business with necessary institutions.”

“This award is much appreciated. It alleviates the financial burden placed upon me and my husband as I pursue my degree. I am honoured to receive it.”