Keith Donahue

I have always had an affinity to find out how things work. My love for electronics and taking them apart got me in trouble many times. My parents would find piles of devices I had taken apart and hidden throughout the house. I had taken some computer courses at the U of A, back when the TRS 80 came out with colour and BASIC was a popular starter language. Someone gave me the advice to get into the healthcare field as it was more stable and paid better. I went to SAIT to be a medical laboratory technologist and got sponsored by the Medicine Hat Regional to take my training. In 1988, I graduated and got hired here and started my career as a Lab Tech. By 1989, the hospital was allowing staff to purchase computers interest free and I began to help setup many systems for my coworkers. in October of 1991, I started my own company, KDCOM Computer solutions, while still working full-time at the hospital. The business grew and by 1998 I retired from the hospital and focused entirely on KDCOM. I had taught a few computer classes at PCM Interface, a computer training center, when the owner asked if I wanted to teach the A+ certification at Medicine Hat College. I took the opportunity and have taught A+ and Help Desk ever since then. I purchased QWERTY Computers and communication cabling Inc in 2006, which added the servicing of debit machines for TD Canada Trust and Chase Paymentech. We also install and maintain many video surveillance systems in Medicine Hat and have ran structured cabling for many companies. Using opportunities with QWERTY, I have been able to take students to many jobsites, exposing them to experience in the real world. They have wired and installed cameras, ran thousands of feet of cat6 cable and have repaired hundreds of computers in schools around the city. I really enjoy watching students gain confidence as they tear apart computers and find out how they work!