Kari Godlonton

Statistics show that the average person has five careers in a lifetime! Doesn’t everyone start in fast food? Born and raised in Medicine Hat I knew I had to find a career that would not only sustain me, but fulfill me. Always interested in arts, creating and seeing change, I decided to pursue interior design. I attended Lakeland College in Vermillion, AB where I studied in the FIDER Accredited program of Interior Design and graduated with a technical diploma. Immediately I went to work in Calgary and eventually worked for an international company which afforded me many opportunities to expand my career and grow in interior design. In 2002 an event drew me back to Medicine Hat and two years later I returned home permanently. For my fifth career, I ended up working in human services under contract with the provincial government for a local company as a job developer. Not only had I adapted to my environment, but I found a career that fulfilled me!

All my careers have a common denominator – sales – it’s what I enjoy and what I am good at. As a student placement officer in visual communications, what makes me smile at the end of the day? Knowing I have helped our students work with their interests and toward the career that inevitably makes them successful!