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MHC has purchased and commissioned a Stratasys Fortus 400mc 3D printer and Faro EdgeArm and Laser Tracker for scanning. Our printer uses Fused Deposition Modeling and is able to produce a variety of prototypes and end use parts out of a number of thermoplastics. Our scanning equipment can be used for a variety of applications such as reverse engineering of existing parts, creation of models to archive unique parts, or providing models for mold making. This equipment is used by students, faculty, and industry.

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If you would like to print or scan objects, please feel free to contact the MHC Fabrication Technician at to discuss your requirements. If you have a design and would like to print an object, please send the stl file and your specifications on the applicable downloadable pdf form, available from the website, in an email to the Technician. This equipment and its operation has been supported by:


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