Conservatory of Music & Dance

Charity Goring


Charity Goring started her dancing journey at the age of 3 and trained in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical for 17 years.  At 19, she discovered hip hop and other forms of street dance and developed a passion to pursue those styles more exclusively. From there she joined a performing group called GX International and travelled to over 14 different countries teaching and performing to thousands.

Charity went on to start her own dance company called “the EPO show”. During that time, she was an instructor at Medicine Hat College and loved being a part of the Conservatory of Dance family. She also travelled to Oslo, Norway during the summers to teach hip hop for a festival called Skjaergards Music and Missions festival. Charity then moved to Toronto and was a part of the internationally known breakdance crew called Supernaturalz (which her husband was a part of). As a member of this group she did commercials for Coke-a-Cola, adidas, as well as conventions for Footlocker and other shows.  

With a passion for hip hop and unity within the dance community, Charity has a heart to see young dancers rise up with confidence in a positive environment to pursue their dreams and passions in the dance world. She is grateful to be back at the MHC Conservatory after all these years!