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Kaylyn Légaré


Kaylyn Légaré has been studying music since the age of 4 and the violin since the age of 5. Throughout her life she has been involved in many aspects of the arts including: voice, theatre, speech, rock bands, and orchestra. Originally from Medicine Hat Alberta, Kaylyn began her studies with Michael van der Sloot and then later with William van der Sloot at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

During her years in Medicine Hat Kaylyn was chosen to represent her city in the Provincial Music Festival for six consecutive years. Here she also gained the title of best performance in the Medicine Hat Rotary Music Festival by accepting the Rose Bowl for three years running; twice for two separate trio ensembles and once for her own solo performance.

After three years in Calgary, Kaylyn transferred to McGill University where she completed her bachelor's degree in Classical Violin Performance under the guidance of Mark Fewer and Andrew Wan. While living in Montreal Kaylyn began experimenting with many styles and sounds of music such as pop, fiddle, and jazz. This curiosity of expanding her musical horizons is what led Kaylyn to teach herself the viola and join an all female quartet specializing in bluegrass and folk music under the mentorship of Matt Haimovitz. With this group, Kaylyn performed as part of the Montreal Segal Centre concert series in 2013 and 2014, as well as performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival with Rene Lee in 2014.

While Kaylyn continued to perform with her quartet, she decided to further her education and went back to school to obtain her certificate in Music Therapy at Acadia University. After her studies, Kaylyn moved back to Alberta and completed her thousand hour internship at JB Music Therapy in Calgary, where she was then hired by the company to continue her sessions with clients who ranged in age from 3 to 92.

Kaylyn has a love and passion for music that has spanned her entire life, believing that music is inclusive, fun, and meant to be shared with others. She is incredibly excited to be teaching at the Medicine Hat Conservatory where she hopes she can give back as much as she has gained from this wonderful music community. 

Kaylyn Legare, violin instructor

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