Course Delivery at MHC

Update on Winter 2021 Semester

MHC remains committed to providing a quality educational experience for students. Thank you for your continued cooperation and support as we work together through these challenging times.

For the Winter 2021 semester, the majority of programs and student services will continue to be offered remotely. Courses that require face-to-face interaction – labs or the use of special equipment, will have priority access at campuses in Medicine Hat and Brooks. Services will be available through a combination of virtual and in person options.

Course Delivery - Winter 2021 Semester

MHC is preparing for Winter 2021 and determining the delivery method of courses. As delivery is confirmed, an updated listing of courses will be shared here every Friday. Please watch your student email for additional information.


Campus Access and Services

Access to college amenities and services varies between our campus locations and will continue to evolve. Click a campus location button below to learn more about availability and delivery of campus services. Please note, this information is subject to change without notice.

Terms / Technology Requirements / Course Materials

What does blended learning meaning? What technology do I need to study online? Find answers to these other questions below and watch this page for updates related to your learning experience at MHC.

Online Delivery
Programs or a course can be designated as online. If your program is designated online, it means that your first semester can be completed without coming to campus (e.g. you can start your program from anywhere).  

Courses designated as online will a section code that starts with WB (e.g. WBMA)

Blended Delivery
Programs or a course can be designated as Blended. If your program is blended, you may have some courses online, some in person, or some classes where there is a mix of both (e.g. you are only on campus sometimes)

If the section code you are registered in is marked with a “BL” it means that the specific course is blended and you will need to be on campus on a part time basis to take the class.

Instructors or staff may refer to on-site learning or an on-site component to your course. This will mean attendance on your programs home campus (eg. Criminal Justice is offered on the Medicine Hat campus, so you would attend that building. Practical Nurse would attend on the Brooks Campus.)

Off-site might be used to refer to a specific location like the hospital or another specific location where you will be attending in-person, but not at a specific MHC campus. Usually off-site refers to practicum placements.   

Practicums are real world learning experiences that generally need to be done in person. Specific details of how your practicum are run are coordinated between practicum sites, your program and a host of other supports. Check your email regularly as details on practicums are subject to some details outside of our control and we always hope to provide up to date information on what can be expected.

Appropriate Technology
Different programs will have different needs for technology in order for students to have the best possible online experience. When the term appropriate technology is used, the basic requirements are:

  • a computer that can access the internet,
  • speakers,and a
  • webcamera/microphone.

Students should also check their specific program page to ensure that there are not additional technical requirements to run specific software or access specialty programs specific to their program (eg. Built Environment Engineering Technology or Information Technology programming)

Synchronous Learning
Synchronous learning is online or distance education that happens in real time. Online lectures are delivered live, with opportunity for interaction.

Asynchronous Learning
Course content is pre-recorded (e.g. lectures) and made available for students to access at any time, from any device.

While hardware and software requirements may vary from course to course,  it is recommended that all students have the following items available at minimum.

  • Stable Internet connection
  • Computer or laptop
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
Additional software may be required, specific details will be shared via student email. Please be diligent in checking your Blackboard and college email account for updates.

Certain programs may require additional class materials and supplies. Updates for the Winter 2021 semester will be shared here once confirmed.

Please note that Medicine Hat College has prepared a notification statement with important information to prepare for remote course delivery, assessment sessions, or proctoring of an exam. It is important that you read and review this statement prior to engaging in your online courses this year. By logging into Blackboard, you will agree to the statement. Please click the button below to view the statement.


Help keep our campus healthy

Your active participation in COVID-19 prevention is important. Please visit the COVID page to learn about your responsibilities, how to access campus, and what to expect.