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The Young Entrepreneur Program teaches elementary, middle, and high-school students about entrepreneurship. Throughout our program, students learn about product design, market research, how to build a business plan, budgeting and marketing, as well as giving students the opportunity to be approved for a loan by pitching their products at our version of Dragon’s Den. At the end of our program, students sell their manufactured products at a trade show, allowing them to repay their loan, learn to give back by donating a small percentage to charity, and keeping the profits.

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Why Entrepreneurship?

The world is changing faster than it ever has before. With advances in technology jobs are shifting and even becoming irrelevant. Students are facing a range of emerging challenges, including the nature of work and career paths; the globalization of the marketplace; and the need for highly skilled, educated and innovative people. Today’s world demands that they are able to navigate and build their own career paths while adapting to continual change. Therefore students must be confident in their ability to respond and successfully meet the challenges they face. They must adapt their skills and their mindset to make them valuable in their workplace.

We believe that this is the key - individuals need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and the Young Entrepreneur Program will help equip students today for their success tomorrow.

Young Entrepreneur Program Resources


Pre-Program Survey

Post-Program Survey

PROGRAM RESOURCES Lessons will include the following topics (resources coming soon):

  • Planning: Business model canvas
  • Business opportunities
  • Customers, competition and market research
  • Building budgets
  • Basic accounting
  • Prototypes, production, plans and pitches
  • Marketing and sales