International Education

EAP Programs

Program Highlights

  • Low tuition
  • High quality education
  • Dedicated, experienced, and qualified TESL Certified instructors
  • EAP classes offered over fall, winter & spring semesters; with flexible intake when possible
  • 24 hours per week of intensive English language training
  • Small class sizes, average 15 students per class
  • Multiple levels of instruction to meet student needs and abilities
  • Assistance with admissions and registration
  • A strict English only policy enforcement
  • Opportunities to experience Canadian culture during institutional activities offered
The curriculum is designed to help students learn in the shortest time possible so that students can progress into our college or university transfer programs.

EAP Course Offering

There are 5 levels of EAP. Each level of study should take one semester (depending on student proficiency) to complete. We off 3 equal semesters (fall, winter and spring) of 13 weeks each. A placement test is given to students on the first day of classes which determines what level the student will start in.

Course Structure

Highly qualified instructors using various methods of instruction and media make our EAP classes both interesting and informative. Textbooks, film, television, newspapers, magazines, music, field trips, and guest speakers are combined in our EAP program which consists of the following classes:

This class is designed to expand on the students’ basic, functional vocabulary skills to the point that they will improve and do well in an academic environment.

Students will learn the structures of the language from basic levels up to and including the use of complex grammar structures in context.

In this class, students will develop English skills that are useful and appropriate in day-to-day communication.

Students will progress from a beginner writing level to being able to write research papers for academic courses.

As the students improve comprehension, vocabulary skills, and reading strategies, they will acquire the reading skills necessary to do well in an academic environment.

Through many activities – both formal and conversational, students will improve their listening skills to the point where they can comfortably participate in all areas of college life.

Film Studies
Once a week students watch an English language movie. Discussions and activities based on the movie give students the opportunity to practice the language skills they have learned in their academic environment.

Completion of EAP

After successfully completing EAP Advanced (EAPI099), students may be accepted into Medicine Hat College certificate, diploma, applied degree or university transfer programs.  In addition, all other academic entrance requirements of the program must be met prior to acceptance.  In programs with more applicants than places, acceptance is based on academic merit with places in the program awarded to the most academically qualified.  Students considering application to one of Medicine Hat College’s certificate, diploma, applied degree, or university transfer programs need to allow sufficient time (up to several months prior to application deadlines) for assessment of previous education and transcripts.  All transcripts/credentials must be evaluated by the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS).

Transferring to Another Institution

Students may transfer to other colleges or universities after completing one or two years at Medicine Hat College.  Please note that you may have to fulfil the English proficiencies of the institution to which you apply, as they may be different from those at Medicine Hat College.  If you are considering a transfer, please check the English proficiency requirements of the institution to which you want to transfer by contacting them directly or by speaking with an Academic Advisor at Medicine Hat College.

EAP Bridging Program EAPI 199

(Highest Level of EAP Program)

Enroll in EAP and 1 or 2 additional college level or University Transfer courses

16 Hours per week of EAP Portion, 3-6 credits of Career courses.

Note: Failure in a term of EAPI 199 would require the student to transition to EAPI 099 for the following term.

Academic Transition Plan (ATP)

The Academic Transition Plan provides an opportunity for you to be conditionally accepted into a career program at Medicine Hat College while you are completing the language requirements. You must:

Comply with the Conditional Letter of Acceptance and fulfill any additional requirements for full acceptance into your program

Successfully complete all required Language Proficiency Prerequisites and the MAST 100 (Master Student) course in one calendar year

Place at EAPI 89 or higher to be considered for ATP in the EAP program