Education Abroad

MHC’s international activity is guided by the philosophy that education and learning is greatly enhanced by an understanding of different cultures, languages and peoples. Education Abroad programs provide students with opportunities to develop the skills and attitudes required to function successfully in an interconnected global society, world and economy.

Education Abroad Opportunities

MHC offers many options to travel and study abroad:

Student Exchange (1 – 2 semesters)

Take courses related to your program of study at one of our partner institutions. Students remain registered at MHC while on exchange and therefore do not have to apply for re-admission upon return.

Click here for full list of semester opportunities.

Summer Exchange (2 – 6 weeks)

Offers a variety of experiences; learn a new language, experience another culture, enrol in a variety of classes (non-credit).

Click here for full list of summer opportunities.

Faculty Led International Field Trips (1 – 3 weeks)

Short term opportunity initiated and lead by a MHC faculty member – usually program specific.

Internship Placements (Length varies)

Complete program placement requirements in international setting.

Click here for full list opportunities.

International Degree Completion (3 – 5 semesters)

Receive transfer credit towards an international degree. This enables MHC diploma graduates to transfer their diploma to participating partner institutions for credit towards a bachelor's degree.

Click here for full list of opportunities.

Semester or Summer Exchange


Students must:

  • be in good academic standing.
  • be enrolled at MHC as a full time student.
  • have completed 2 semesters by the time of exchange program.
  • meet partner institutions eligibility criteria for program of interest.


  • Complete and submit all forms and documentation as required
  • Register at Medicine Hat College as an outgoing student and pay any administration fees.
  • Pay any required tuition and fees at the Host Institution.
  • Abide by all Academic Regulations and Policies within the Medicine Hat College calendar while studying abroad.
  • Carry and pay for health care insurance that is provided through the Office of International Education.
  • Where applicable, student must have up to date vaccinations.
  • Confirm all travel arrangements with the Office of International Education. 

*Full list of requirements are found in student checklist, student application, and Education Abroad policy and procedures

Plan & Prepare

  • Review above programs to determine areas of interest
  • Contact the International Education & Diversity office
  • Complete and submit MHC application
  • Review checklist below for additional and next steps

Click here for a planning checklist for Education Abroad.

Make Memories

Education Abroad Education Abroad
Education AbroadEducation Abroad


Why Study Abroad?

  • - Experience life in a different culture, society and education system
  • - Become a global citizen
  • - Build job skills, resume and international networks
  • - Serve as an ambassador for MHC and Canada
  • - Challenge yourself and grow as a person - step outside your comfort zone.

Contact Us

Nicole Nemo
International Student Assistant (Global Engagement)
403.504.8448, Room C226