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Vision, Mission Statement, and Slogan


The library is the academic heart of the college, fostering excitement in the process of discovery by challenging lifelong learners to think critically, practice social responsibility, improve their lives, and change the world.

Mission Statement 

The knowledgeable and dedicated library staff provide the college students, faculty, staff, and community members with service above and beyond by:

  • Creating a welcoming physical and digital learning environment
  • Providing effective information services to encourage academic success and to inspire lifelong learning
  • Teaching information literacy and critical thinking skills, and promoting the ethical use of information
  • Incorporating new and innovative technologies which enhance access to high quality information resources and services
  • Building relationships and partnerships through collaboration within the college and with external groups


Medicine Hat College Library Services: Service above and beyond.



Library Services at Medicine Hat College has always played an important role in the life of the institution. Back in the mid-1960s when the college was first being established at the Medicine Hat High School, a group of eager students developed a unique fundraising idea to help develop a library collection. They contacted famous people (one of them was the Pink Panther) and asked them to donate one of their personal neckties to be auctioned off with the funds going toward the library.

Years later when the college was looking for support to build the new Vera Bracken Library, the students again showed their support when they donated a sizeable amount of money from the Student Association savings toward the building of the new facility. The Vera Bracken Library, named in honour of a distinguished teacher from the community, is located on the main floor of the B-Wing - "Library/Classroom Building." The award winning Vera Bracken Library was officially opened in October, 2003.

The Brooks Campus Library, a bright and comfortable place in the centre of the building, was opened in 1991.

 Brooks Library Information DeskVera Bracken Library Information Desk

Collections and Services

The collection of over 100,000 print and non-print resources, 16,000 electronic books, and over 46,000 periodicals provide resources for the various users of the library: students, faculty, staff, and community members. Information services are provided on a one-to-one basis at the Information Desk or via text messaging (SMS), instant messaging, email, or telephone. The library works with the faculty to provide an information literacy program that teaches students the important skills of locating, evaluating, and citing information. Circulation and audio visual services control the whereabouts of the large and varied collection of materials and equipment while providing first-class service. The library’s Technical Services functions look after acquiring, cataloguing, and processing the wide range of resources that are made available through the Web-based catalogue. Other integral components of the college library include copyright advice, maintenance of the College Archives, Cultural Centre music scores, access to computer stations and printers/scanners, and WiFi.



Library Services participates in formal partnerships with the Shortgrass Library System, Medicine Hat Public Library, and The Alberta Library.  The library participates with other groups including the Alberta Association of Academic Libraries, the Canadian Library Association, the Library Association of Alberta, and the Southern Alberta Information Network. These connections add to the library’s ability to provide resources and services that are above and beyond.


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