The library is open to everyone and all may consult materials in the library or with library staff for help in using the collections or services.

Lending rules exist to ensure accessibility and sharing of library collections by all who need them.

View our Lending Rules.


What can I borrow?

Use your valid student/staff ID card, or community library card, to borrow thousands of books, magazines, videos, journal articles, curriculum support materials and more.  Students and staff also have access to online articles and videos, and library equipment including; headphones, laptops, iPads, cameras, and much more. Click here to see a full list of library equipment. Items not available at MHC may be requested.


How long can I keep Library materials?

Loan periods for library materials are established to provide reasonable access to all members of the MHC community.

Material Type

Loan Period

Books, Curriculum materials

4 weeks

Journals, Magazines, DVD's, CD's

1 week

Reserve items, Library equipment

May be borrowed for periods ranging from 2 hours to 1 week, depending on instructor's request or type of equipment

Reference materials

Library use only


  • Books, magazines, journals, DVD’s, and curriculum materials may be renewed twice, unless another person has requested the item.
  • To renew eligible items, go to Your Library Account and follow the instructions to log in, or phone us at 403-529-3867 in Medicine Hat or at 403-362-1690 in Brooks.


How do I deal with library fines or lost books?

Library fines and lost fees are assigned to your library account when an item is not returned by its due date, is damaged, or lost.

  • Fees accumulate per item for each day overdue
  • Borrowers will be expected to pay for the replacement of a lost/damaged item, as well as a processing fee, so the library can acquire a replacement.


Per Hour

Per Day (or portion of)



Circulating books, AV items, Curriculum materials




All fines accumulate per item.

Laptops, iPads/CVP's





Reserve items





Items with Holds





Library/MM equipment





Lost items

Replacement fees will vary depending on the value of the material(s), plus a $10.00 processing fee.


How do I avoid late fees and lost items?

  • Review Your Library Account to ensure you know what items you have borrowed, when to return your items, and to renew an item if you know you want it longer or know you will not be on campus to return the item.
  • You can also renew items by phoning us at 403-529-3867 in Medicine Hat or at 403-362-1690 in Brooks.


Where can I pay my library fees/for lost items?

  • Bring cash to the library service desk.
  • Pay online. This link can also be found within your Library Account. Once you are logged in, click on "Resources" in the top left, and choose "Online Fine Payments".


What do I do if I feel a fine or fee was applied unfairly to my library account?

If you feel a fine and/or fee was charged unfairly, you should speak to a staff person at the Library Service Desk. A Fines Appeal Form is available online, or in paper at the Library Service Desk.

Reasons why fines cannot be appealed include, but are not limited to:

  • Lack of awareness/knowledge of lending rules
  • Failing to note due dates
  • Failing to renew on time
  • Failing to receive courtesy and overdue notices
  • Failure to return materials because borrower was out of city/country