Campus ID & Libary Cards

Campus ID Card

Sample ID card

The campus identification (ID) card is your key to accessing facilities and services at Medicine Hat College. The campus ID card is issued to faculty, staff, and students of the college. ID cards cannot be issued on the same day you register/enrol at the college. For new students, cards can be issued up to 45 days prior to the beginning of the earliest semester you are attending.

The campus ID card will serve as:

  • your library card,
  • access card to campus recreational facilities,
  • access to 24-hour computer lab (must be presented to security staff to access the room),
  • access to Students' Association sponsored events (including access to Crave),
  • discount card to some local merchants (including Medicine Hat Transit).

Full time students at the Brooks Campus will use their ID card to access recreational facilities (e.g., Lakeside Leisure Centre) in Brooks. See the main Registration Desk at the Brooks Campus or the Lake Side Leisure Center for details.

Student ID cards are issued at the Vera Bracken Library (Medicine Hat Campus) and the library’s General Services Desk (Brooks Campus).

Virtual Student ID cards are now available. Students will now see a virtual ID card displayed within their dashboard. Students are required to upload a photo to activate this card. Please follow the guidelines within dashboard when submitting your photo.

Faculty & Staff cards are issued by Human Resources (Medicine Hat Campus) and the library’s General Service Desk (Brooks Campus). Human Resources will assist you in the process.

In order to receive your Student ID card, you must present a piece of legal photo ID (i.e., driver’s license, passport, etc.), or registration papers. The first ID card for students is free. There is a $5 replacement fee for lost cards, however, worn cards will be reviewed and replaced for free at the card issuer's discretion. So please, DO NOT throw the card out - even if you are gone for more than a year.


  • Students enrolled in community education/non-credit classes will not receive a student ID card.

Campus Security can ask you to present the card to them - particularly during the evening and weekend hours.

Do I have to renew it?

Yes, the card is typically renewed in the Fall (September). You will see the Service Desk (Vera Bracken Library) and General Services Desk (Brooks Campus Library) for renewals. Once your registration has been confirmed, staff will adhere a new validation sticker to the card.  

What about proxy/security access cards?

Security access cards (a.k.a., proxy cards) are issued to some students if they require access to secured areas on campus.

STUDENTS: Your instructors will inform you at the beginning of the semester about whether or not you need an access card.


Library Cards

One Community One Card (College Pick Up Location Currently Unavailable)

Library Services is proud of its partnership with the Shortgrass Library System called One Community One Card

As part of this partnership, Medicine Hat College students, staff, and faculty can use their College ID cards to borrow material from any of the twelve public libraries in the Shortgrass Library System (Southeast Alberta).

Patrons from any of the Shortgrass Library System libraries may use their cards to borrow material from the Medicine Hat College Libraries. A photo ID is required on the first visit.

Furthermore, patrons from all libraries can choose any library as an item hold pickup location. 

NOTE: Medicine Hat College Alumni cannot use their alumni cards. Instead, you will need to obtain a Shortgrass Library card at your local library.

Community Member Cards (Currently Unavailable)

If you do not have a public library card then you may still obtain a free community member card. Cards are issued at the Vera Bracken Library Service Desk or the Service Desk in the Brooks Campus Library. Photo identification is required.

The Alberta Library Card

This is a free card that allows you to borrow books directly from over 240 participating TAL card libraries (including us!) in the province. For more information please visit Card Info.