Parents and Supporters

Support Services

Where to turn if your student needs help.

Academic Calendar
The Academic Calendar has a schedule of all the important dates in the Medicine Hat College school year. You can find the dates classes begin and end, the last day to drop or add classes, study breaks, holidays, and graduation dates. If you haven’t received a copy of the current Academic Calendar, please click here or contact the Academic Advising office at 403.529.3819.

Academic Advising 
Academic Advising is one of the services offered to students through Student Services. Academic Advising provides help and guidance to students in a variety of ways. The major areas of responsibility include:

  • class selection,
  • help with transfer,
  • referral to academic supports, and
  • academic actions including appeals for academic dismissal.

Each of these is concerned with the student’s total welfare. Your son or daughter should get to know their advisor. It will be one of the most beneficial relationships they will develop on campus. 

Personal Counselling
Our counselling office is a part of Student Development network and offers counselling and support services. We encourage you to make an appointment during office hours by calling 403.529.3819.

Parental Access to Student Records
Parents are often surprised to find out that they need their child’s consent to access their son or daughter’s records. Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act, MHC must have the student’s consent before divulging any information to a third party. Information on students’ academic, medical or disciplinary status cannot be communicated without their approval. Therefore, college staff will not be able to release any information regarding your student’s grades or fees owed.

Policies and Procedures
Medicine Hat College considers each student a responsible adult and it is assumed that men and women of college age will maintain standards of conduct appropriate to membership in the college community. Emphasis is placed on standards of student conduct rather than on limits or restrictions on students. Representatives of the students, faculty, and administration work together in developing guidelines and regulations governing student conduct. For more information see Academic Regulations and Policies, and the Student Rights and Responsibilities sections of the Medicine Hat College Calendar.

Students with Disabilities
Medicine Hat College recognizes that some students have special needs that require supports and/or accommodations. Students who identify themselves as having a disability can access supports such as tutors, scribes, isolated exam rooms, adaptive technology, and referrals to funding and other community agencies. To ensure that arrangements are in place at the beginning of the semester, students are encouraged to contact the Accessibility Services Office.