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What is Flexible Learning?

Flexible Learning combines online and face-to-face learning for maximum flexibility. Students can choose to study 100% online or in person, or take advantage of both methods to accommodate their individual schedules. All instruction is recorded and available online for viewing at a later time.

There is no penalty or disadvantage to learning in one environment over another, and no need to indicate how you will be attending class in advance. Students have complete autonomy to choose in-person, online or a blend of both worlds. The choice is yours, every day!



What are the benefits of Flexible Learning?

Flexible Learning allows learners to tailor their learning and participate in the environment that best suits their needs on a day-to-day basis. They can be in the classroom one day and online the next, allowing maximum flexibility to balance school and life. There is no need to set a schedule or confirm attendance in advance. The learning resources are there, the student chooses when and how to receive them.



What can I expect in a Flexible Learning environment?

Whether learning in person or online, students can expect a high level of engagement with instructors and classmates in the Flexible Learning environment. Multiple cameras and a collaborative online learning platform allow students to connect and participate, regardless of their location.


Will the coursework or assessment vary between online and face-to-face learning?

While some projects may vary between in person and virtual environments, the learning objectives of all course content will remain consistent. Program expectations and assessment practices will not vary based on the delivery.



Which programs at MHC offer Flexible Learning?

The following programs are offered through Flexible Learning:

More programs are expected to adopt this concept in the future.



Does the tuition change if I choose to study online exclusively?

No, the tuition for Flexible Learning programs remains the same, regardless of how you choose to study.



Are Flexible Learning programs available to international students?

Yes, international students are encouraged to apply for Flexible Learning programs, but please be aware of residency guidelines that require international students to take more than half of their courses in a face-to-face environment. Contact Connie Grove for international advising support.


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