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High Fidelity Simulation Centres

Get valuable scenario training

In our high fidelity simulation centres, a mannequin - or simulator - is used to simulate a real patient or person.  The simulator breathes, talks, blinks, cries, and even bleeds.  It generates simulated heart, lung and abdominal sounds as well, controlled and adjusted by a simulation technologist or instructor.

If you study in the bachelor of nursing, practical nursing, or paramedic programs at MHC, you will have the opportunity to experience valuable scenario training with high fidelity patient simulation to help you prepare for your future career. You will take action in real-time, using the theoretical knowledge you learn in the classroom. At the end of each event, you will discuss the event with the instructor and why you took certain actions (debriefing.)

The primary goal of simulated learning is to produce quality graduates through live event training (exposure) in order to reinforce theoretical knowledge learned in the classroom. Advantages of high fidelity patient simulation include customized learning experiences, a safe environment to make mistakes and learn from them, performance feedback and debriefing, and no risk of patient harm. Additionally, simulation functions as a bridge to clinical or practical learning sites.

Our simulated learning centres allow you as a student to practice in a safe learning environment, using current technologies and the new standard in simulated learning. Use of this technology has been shown to increase student confidence, enhance skills, and produce better prepared graduates.