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University Studies Arts is a major component of the college’s university studies program.

Developing a strong understanding of culture, society, and the past – topics you will explore in humanities and social sciences (Arts) – offers tremendous value. As an individual, you will be challenged to think clearly and move beyond the preconceptions of how and why people communicate and interact. You will learn to integrate information, ideas, and opinions from a variety of sources and perspectives - a valuable asset in careers ranging from law to business.

An education in Humanities and Social Sciences (Arts) is often misunderstood and underrated. Some may take a look at the classes and claim that subjects like philosophy and history have little relevance in daily life. But when you consider the challenges we face as a society—war based on religious idealism, globalization, medical problems like HIV, and more—you will soon realize how relevant these topics are. If we fail to understand other cultures for example, how can we do business successfully overseas? How can our society address any complex problem without looking inward?

The courses you take in University Studies Arts will help you develop critical thinking skills to consider and interact with the vast amount of information available. The result can be creative approaches and problem-solving skills that you will need to make decisions and succeed in a complex world. At MHC, you’ll have the advantage of building strong rapport with faculty who possess qualifications on par with university professors. The result is a high quality, yet personal learning experience. The range of courses available is broad, allowing you to build an individualized program that meets your interests and the degree you have in mind.

The college helps you develop a suitable class schedule, as there is a very high degree of flexibility. Medicine Hat College has transfer agreements with the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, as well as an agreement with Athabasca University that allows you to complete a Bachelor of General Studies (Arts and Science) at Medicine Hat College.

The Alberta Transfer Guide lists all of the transfer courses that Medicine Hat College offers and to which universities the courses transfer. Visit for more information. We also recommended that you meet with an academic advisor from Medicine Hat College and from the university you plan to attend regarding admission requirements and course selections.  

High School Route
(Alberta High School courses or equivalents with a minimum 60% average in the required courses) 

  • ELA 30-1
  • Math 30-1 or Math 30-2 or a 30-level second language 
  • Two additional 30-level academic subjects
  • One Grade 12 5-credit subject (excluding Special Projects)

Mature Route
The following are minimum admission requirements. Please see an advisor for additional course-specific pre-requisites.

  • ELA 30-1
  • One other 30-level academic subject

Note: some majors at some universities require Math 30-1 or Math 30-2 (i.e. U of C Social Science)

Please see the program calendar or consult with an academic advisor for an up to date set of courses related to Arts.
An education in Arts can serve as the foundation for many different areas of interest. Some professional degree programs offered at universities, such as Law, require a degree in a discipline such as Arts before admission is granted.

What is your education going to cost?

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Many programs offered at Medicine Hat College qualify for transfer credits to other institutions. In some cases, you must transfer to another institution to complete your program and gain your credential.

The ACADEMIC CALENDAR has official information on transfer options for each program.
Please consult the calendar or meet with an academic advisor for more information.

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