AutoCAD Operator Certificate

About This Program

AutoCAD has become a necessary skill for individuals in industries ranging from architecture to engineering to interior design. Through the four courses offered in this certificate, you’ll become comfortable in both two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) drawing using AutoCAD software as well as digital drafting, allowing you to communicate your design clearly and give it the showcase it deserves.

Following successful completion of all four courses in the program, students will be granted a personalized Certificate of Completion.

This program prepares students for work using AutoCAD for two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawing as well as digital drafting. An AutoCAD Operator plays an important role in many industries and prepares the drawings that end up being the blueprint to create products, buildings, and structures. Mechanical ability, an aptitude for detail work, and excellent communication skills are important skills for people interested in this work.

For upcoming dates and times for the courses below see the Computers and Technology section.

Course 1: AutoCAD 2D-1

AutoCAD 2D-1 is part one of a two-part hands-on series focusing on the two-dimensional features and commands in AutoCAD. Topics include: AutoCAD interface, AutoCAD theory, syntax, inserting 2D geometry (lines, circles, arcs, points), move, copy, rotate, scale, mirror, array, stretch, fillets, chamfers, trim, extend, offset, inquiry, grids, text, line types, and layers. This course will also introduce drafting fundamentals in preparation for Digital Drafting with AutoCAD.

Instructor: Hélio Colaço

Course 2: AutoCAD 2D-2

AutoCAD 2D-2 is part two of the hands-on series focusing on two-dimensional features and commands available in AutoCAD. Topics include: advanced editing techniques, graphic manipulation, grips, crosshatching, dimensioning, dimensioning styles, layouts, templates, blocks, reference files, advanced text, text styles, special objects, and plotting.

Prerequisite: AutoCAD 2D-1

Instructor: Hélio Colaço

Course 3: Digital Drafting with AutoCAD

Using AutoCAD software, this course will review manual drafting basics and, teach students CAD construction techniques, as well as how to complete multi-view drawings, isometric drawings, plotting, sections and conventions.

Prerequisite: AutoCAD 2D-1

Instructor: Hélio Colaço

Course 4: AutoCAD 3D

This is a hands-on course covering the three-dimensional features and commands available in AutoCAD. Topics include AutoCAD 3D interface, navigation and visualization tools, creating 3D models using wireframes, meshes , surfaces and solid primitives, editing 3D objects, working with materials, shading and rendering.

Prerequisite: AutoCAD 2D-1 & AutoCAD 2D-2

Instructor: Hélio Colaço

Courses can be paid on a course by course basis. Prices are subject to change. Fees are as follows:

AutoCAD 2D-1:
Tuition: $495 + GST
Textbook: $95 + GST

AutoCAD 2D-2:
Tuition: $495 + GST
Textbook: $95 + GST

Digital Drafting with AutoCAD
Tuition: $645 + GST
Textbook: TBD

AutoCAD 3D
Tuition: $495 + GST
Textbook: $95 + GST

AutoCAD Software:

Software is not provided for personal use, but if you are a student registered in any AutoCAD course, you are eligible to download the student software free of charge from the AutoDesk website.

Prerequisite: Students looking to complete the AutoCAD Operator Certificate should be proficient in basic computer skills such as mouse/keyboarding, creating files and folders, moving files, locating files, copy/paste, email, and selecting printer devices. If you feel you need additional work in this area, consider starting with CT 0013: Introduction to Microsoft Office Applications for the PC.

To Register

Please refer to the Continuing Studies Section - Computers and Technology or call 403-529-3844.

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