Information Technology


Fall 2020 Update

Course Delivery Summary:

  • Year 1: Blended
  • Year 2: Blended

Theory courses in the program are well suited to online learning, but others will require lab work. This means students should be prepared to visit the campus in Medicine Hat each week throughout the program.

Prepare to Learn:

  • Your active participation in COVID-19 prevention is important. Please visit the COVID page to learn about your responsibilities, how to access campus, and what to expect.
  • Details about tools and technology requirements, as well as additional course details, will be shared before the end of July.


About the Program

Managing information has never been more important and information technology professionals are in demand. People interested in becoming IT specialists must possess strong problem-solving and analytical skills as well as excellent communication skills, as troubleshooting and helping others are vital aspects of the job. Additionally, since there is constant interaction with other computer personnel, customers, and employees on the job, IT specialists must be able to communicate effectively on paper, through email, and in person. They must also possess strong writing skills when preparing manuals for employees and customers.  

Recognizing the large and growing demand for skilled computer professionals and the diversity of skills needed in the computer field, Medicine Hat College offers a two year Information Technology Diploma with the two majors:

  • Software and Internet Development (two years)
  • Technology Support (two years)

The program is designed to be flexible. Students will be asked to select a major when they apply to the program. However, the first semester of the program is common to all students and you may have the opportunity to change your major based on your aptitudes and career goals as well as availability of seats in the major. Movement between majors will require re-applying to the major of your choice by December 1.

Co-op Program Option
Co-op Education is an integrated approach to higher education that enables bright, highly motivated students to integrate their academic program with paid, relevant work experience in their chosen field. The special Co-op designation on your diploma testifies to your accomplishments and helps you gain solid work opportunities.

Industry Certification
The IT programs incorporate all or part of the curriculum requirements for a number of industry certifications including A+, i-Net+,Network+, and various Microsoft Certifications. The examinations for the respective certifications must still be written independently.

High School Route

  • 50% or higher in ELA 30-1 or 60% or higher in ELA 30-2
  • 50% or higher in Math 30-1, or 65% in one of Math 20-1; or Math 30-2

Mature Route

You may meet the entrance requirements as a result of having achieved placement in Math 30 and college-level English, as determined by the Medicine Hat College Academic Assessment Test.

Conditional Admission Plan (CAP)

If you do not possess all of the admission requirements, the Conditional Admission Plan(CAP) may provide conditional acceptance to this program, provided space is available. CAP is individualized to meet your needs.

Prior Learning Assessment and Advance Credit

Prior Learning Assessment may be granted for extensive work experience. This must be completed well in advance of the beginning of the program. (See the calendar section on Prior Learning Assessment for more details.) Advance Credit for previous post-secondary training may be possible. Application for Advance Credit must be made through the Office of the Registrar for the courses for which exemption is sought, preferably before the term in which such courses are offered.

Some courses related to this program are found here. Please see the academic calendar or this year's program planning guide for an up-to-date set of courses related to Information Technology.

A few of the duties that IT professionals perform may include data management, networking, engineering computer hardware, database and software design, as well as the management and administration of entire systems. IT remains a critical aspect of work in all industries and sectors, as well as an industry in its own right. There is continuing demand for qualified IT workers with flexible and portable skills who can readily adapt and respond to ever-changing IT demands and processes.  


Graduates may find employment in:

  • Entry-level Program and Software Development
  • Web Design and Development 
  • Database Development 
  • Software or Computer Sales and Support 

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Co-Op education is an integrated approach to higher education that enables bright, highly motivated students to integrate their academic program with paid, relevant work experience n their chosen field. The special Co-Op designation on your diploma testifies to your accomplishments and helps you gain solid work experience.

Information Technology's Co-Op program includes a single work-term of 490 hours (approximately three months), completed in the spring/summer session following the first year of the program. Admission to the program will occur at the end of the first term and is based on your academic standing. Students wishing to enrol in the program must register for ITEC 205. Enrollment in ITEC 291 occurs with the successful obtainment of Co-Op employment. In addition to the regular diploma requirements, completion of ITEC 205 and ITEC 291 fulfills the requirements to receive the Co-Op designation on your diploma. Your grade in the ITEC 291 course is based upon information obtained from your employer's final evaluation, and the interim evaluation by the IT Co-Op coordinator.

Obtaining suitable employment for the IT Co-Op program is ultimately the responsibility of the student, though support is available from IT faculty. Students that find a job on their own must have the job approved through the IT program coordinator.

For more information on the IT Co-Op program, please contact the IT program coordinator.

Meet the Faculty

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