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Management Skills for Supervisors


Combine professional knowledge with people skills to thrive in your management role with increased confidence and purpose. Great leaders are known for their ability to communicate clearly and effectively, listen to problems and provide solutions, and encourage motivation and goals. The Management Skills for Supervisors certificate program will develop your leadership skills or refine existing skills to drive your career to the next level.

Program At a Glance:

  • Offered at the Medicine Hat campus
  • Delivered part-time, in-person
  • Tailored for managers and supervisors
  • This program is eligible for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant which reimburses two-thirds of your employee's training costs.

Program Contact

For more information, contact:

Shannan Hurlbut
Tel: 403.529.3849

There are no formal academic requirements for this program.

This certificate program consists of four, one-day courses (total instruction 24 hours).

Day 1: Foundations of Management
In this course, you will examine management styles and understand the process of transitioning from colleague to supervisor. You will gain understanding of your own unique management identity and incorporate decision-making tools to improve your effectiveness as a manager. 

Day 2: Effective Communication
Explore best practices for effective communication in your workplace. Determine what you need from others and what they need from you to ensure open, honest and productive communication. Develop your own management ‘voice’ with an inter/intrapersonal action plan.

Day 3: Conflict Resolution for Supervisors
Conflict is a natural aspect of most work environments. The key is to manage conflict in a way that is productive and respectful. In this course, you will be introduced to and work with a conflict resolution process that you can implement into your daily work culture.

Day 4: Synergy of Team
One of the keys for success as a manager of people is to understand the dynamics of effective and collaborative teams. Explore the role of team members and the characteristics of successful teams while you develop an action plan for dealing with non-functioning teams.

Price: $1595 + GST

Upon successful completion of all four courses in the series, participants will receive a personalized Certificate of Completion for the Series from Medicine Hat College.