Athlete Enhancement Program Application

Athlete Enhancement Program Overview

The Athlete Enhancement Program is intended to provide emerging athletes an opportunity to receive expert support (nutrition advice, specific exercise training, and mental skills training) to improve their sport performance. This is a unique opportunity that not all athletes across Canada receive, therefore, all athletes accepted must have the desire to learn and grow as an athlete and person.


The Athlete Enhancement Program is designed to support emerging athletes at the Train to Train or Train to Win stages (typically 13-18 years of age) who:

  • Are at least 13 years of age by January 1, 2018
  • Have performed well at a provincial, national, and /or international level;
  • Take ownership of their personal learning and grow within their sport;
  • Take initiative to access available resources (i.e. coaching, camps, etc.);
  • Are aspiring to reach an advanced level of competition within their sport;

Program Overview

All new athletes must attend the Sport Science Orientation session

Direct Support from Sport Performance Professionals

  • One-on-One access to a Sport Dietitian, Mental Skills Coach, and Exercise Physiologist.

Opportunities to participate in the ‘Experiences Program’

  • Group sessions offered in a variety of topics
  • Learn how to apply exercise, nutrition and mental skills in a series of practical learning experiences. 

Weekly Strength & Conditioning sessions

  • Participate in strength & conditioning sessions supported by a certified personal trainer or certified exercise physiologist. 

Fitness Testing

Gear to show off your talents

  • ASDC gear is available to each athlete for purchase at a reduced cost to congratulate them on their sport success, as well as, to motivate and remind each athlete to strive for success each time they wear their gear with pride. 

Complete an athlete entry, mid-point and year-end evaluation, and program year-end evaluation

Application Process 

Complete and submit application (form, coach form, athlete intention letter, reference letter)

Complete and submit Assessment Forms (Assessment forms will be forwarded to applicant once application form is received)


  • 60 minute interview with Athlete (10-15 minutes with Athlete and Parent)
  • Review application and letters
  • Review athlete’s goals and objectives 
  • Review assessment forms

$250.00 annual fee (The ASDC-SE provides access to all athletes regardless of financial circumstance)

Selection Process

The ASDC-SE reviews all applications and makes selection on the following criteria:

  • Ability as reflected in competition results
  • Commitment to sport
  • Coach feedback and information
  • Future potential of the athlete
  • Returning athletes will also be evaluated on previous year’s commitment to the program


New Applicants
New to the Athlete Enhancement Program (AEP)? Fill in the following forms:

Existing Athletes
Are you an existing athlete who is re-applying to the program? Fill in the following forms:

Team Applications
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