Meet the ASDC Staff

Cory Coehoorn, BKin, MSc

Cory Coehoorn comes to the ASDC-SE with wealth of experience in the field of athletic development. Cory finished his Master’s degree in Exercise Science from Louisiana State University-Shreveport in 2012. He is also NCCP certified in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

Cory competed at the collegiate level in 2 sports. He played football at the University of Calgary and competed in Olympic weightlifting at Louisiana State University-Shreveport. He also represented Canada on the Olympic weightlifting national team from 2010-2013.

In his professional career he has worked as an Adjunct faculty member at Louisiana State University-Shreveport, a strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate level and as a personal trainer for over 10 years. He has conducted research during his Master’s thesis in the area of pre-training hydration status of adult male and female athletes.

He is married to Morgan Coehoorn and together they have daughter named Lilah Jean.