Residence Fall 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live in Residence this fall?
Yes, the student residences are open for students in the fall. The college is working closely with Alberta Health Services and are following provincial, and college OHS public health guidelines to develop plans and protocols to keep students healthy and safe.

My program will be offered fully online in the fall, so can I still live in Residence?
Yes. However, residents whose programs have blended delivery will be given priority, and then we will be offering any open bed spaces to residents attending online programs.

Will I be placed with my roommate(s) that I requested?

Residence staff will do their best to place applicants with their requested roommate, but cannot guarantee due to the numerous variables with assignments (i.e. program delivery, etc…).

How will move in take place?

To ensure everyone’s health and safety, we have developed a plan and assessed how physical distancing and other health and safety requirements will take place during the move-in period. Here is what we know so far:
  • We will need to limit the number of people allowed into the residence office as well as the assigned unit during our check in days.
  • You will be required to carefully review and sign an addendum to the Housing Agreement related to COVID-19, and agree to abide by residence and college guidelines designed to reduce the spread of the virus.
  • Prior to August move-in dates, we will be sending an email with more information to fall term residents.

Can new in-coming international students live in residence?
Yes. As per the advice of public health guidelines, international students must quarantine for 14-days before moving in or in separate isolation spaces in student residence. The self-quarantine period can be completed at a local hotel or in a separate residence room depending on room availability.

Additional fees will be charged for the quarantine period for students requiring early arrival at a rate to be communicated to the student prior to arrival.

The college is actively working on an early arrival and quarantine plan, and more details will be provided in the coming weeks. Incoming international students will be required to arrive two weeks prior to our regular move-in dates so they can quarantine for 14 days.

Will residents be allowed to have guests, or gatherings in their individual units?
At this time, and until public health restrictions are lifted, we are planning to keep the “no guest” policy in effect for the fall. This means residents are not permitted to have external guests visit their residence unit, nor can they have other residents visit their room.

We will constantly be reviewing and updating our policies throughout the fall to ensure they align with public health guidelines.

Strict enforcement with sanctions will be put in place with the purpose of keeping residents safe.

What happens if a resident is experiencing flu type symptoms?
Everyone is asked to self-monitor their health. If a resident has symptoms or starts to feel sick, they will be asked to immediately report any illness to the Residence Office, complete the AHS online self-assessment and get tested for COVID-19, and follow the directions of the health care provider. 

The resident will be asked to move to an isolation unit within the Residence complex.  Regardless of the test result, they will remain there until cleared to move back to their assigned unit.

Based on public health guidelines, we also require the assigned roommate in a unit to self-isolate while their symptomatic roommate is isolating. Everyone needs to do their part in order to avoid spreading the virus.

How will I be supported if I am self-isolating?
Supports will be available for students who are self-isolating.
We are currently working on a self-isolation procedure as well as reviewing public health guidelines to ensure we comply with the recommended measures. These supports would include such things as delivery of meals and wellness checks by staff and health services personnel.

Will there be rules for cleaning/disinfecting?

In addition to our regular cleaning policy outlined in the Residence Handbook, students will be expected to disinfect surfaces on a frequent basis with Lysol or Clorox (i.e. door knobs, handles on cupboards, fridge, stove, faucets, microwave, washer/dryer, light switches, counters.  Note:  An instruction sheet will be included in the move-in package.

I am worried that with online learning, I’ll have trouble connecting with/meeting other students. Is residence life planning ways for students to interact socially?

We are committed to ensuring you have opportunities to connect and engage with your peers, which is a key component of our residence life experience. However, there will be restrictions in place to ensure that public health guidelines are followed.More information will be shared over the coming weeks.

I applied for both fall and winter terms. If I do not get in in September but do wish to live in residence in January. Is my residence offer guaranteed?

A waitlist based on date of application will be maintained, and a fresh room assignment will be made. Early application increases your chances of getting in. Set deadlines to confirm your commitment and payment will be adhered to.