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The college has developed policies and procedures to help direct many activities. The documents noted here may serve as helpful guides:

  • College mandate, strategic plan, business plan, institutional access plan and annual reports are available here.
  • Board policy documents are available here.

Each division and departmental office holds a copy of the complete and up-to-date policy binder.

Alberta's Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy legislation is an important guideline for working with college and personal records. Click here for information about FOIP and practical tips to working within the law.

In November of 2007, the Association of Canadian Community College held a Symposium on Environmental Sustainability. The goal of the event was to provide member institution leaders with an opportunity to share best practices on incorporating sustainability principles in vision statements, missions, core values, strategic plans, priorities, policies, operations, procurement strategies and ethical investments, as well as to learn how staff and students have become eco-conscious citizens and agents for change in their communities. The Symposium highlighted how ACCC member institutions have established partnerships with other institutions, businesses and communities to make them socially vibrant, economically secure and environmentally sustainable.

One of the recommendations made by symposium participants was that ACCC launch an initiative that would encourage colleges and institutes to formalize their commitments and efforts to sustainability.

A consultation process resulted in the development and adoption of a Pan-Canadian Protocol for Sustainability that member institutions would be invited to support.

As a signatory, MHC agree to provide leadership to internal and external communities and to maximize their contribution to a sustainable future. The Protocol is broad in scope in order to enable institutions to develop policies and practices consistent with their capabilities. It is reasonably expected that the implementation of this Protocol will vary from institution to institution.

More information of the college's environmental activities is provided here.

 Parking details can be found here.

Support students

Student success is the greatest reward for college employees. When you see a student in need, please don't hesitate to refer them to one or more of the support services available.

Academic Advising
Advice and information on classes, schedules, study plans and more.

Academic Resource Centre (ARC)
Study tips, tutor, study skills workshops and more.

Disabilities Services
Support for students with physical and/or learning disabilities.

Student Counselling Services
Confidential personal counselling to deal with school and life issues.

Student Financial Aid
Career and financial assistance.

More information is available here.


Copies and shipping

The college’s Duplicating services and Mailroom are located in F Wing of the Medicine Hat campus and is your first stop for print production and shipping services. Capabilities include:

  • Photocopying including full color
  • Transparency copying
  • Binding & coiling
  • Laminating
  • Folding & stapling
  • Various color papers and cardstocks are available

Please respect the high volume of work requests by provided 48 hours notice. Documents may also be emailed for processing to duplicating@mhc.ab.ca.

Mailroom services include:

  • For same day processing, please deliver your outgoing mail by 11:00 a.m.
  • Mail is delivered to Brooks Campus on Monday and Thursday mornings. Please drop your Brooks mail at Facility Operations.
  • Express Post mail services (guaranteed two business days delivery)
  • Parcel posting, however, must be package ready.
  • Courier services are provided by our Facility Operations Department - contact Gayle Lemire at 403.529.3920.

For further information regarding duplicating services/mailroom, please contact Ronnie Odland, Linda Martin or Patrice Gardner at 403.529.3855



Travel on college business requires pre-approval from your Supervisor or Dean prior to finalizing travel arrangements.

Fleet Vehicles

MHC has a fleet of vehicles which can be booked and used for college business in or out of town. Drivers must be a minimum of 25 years of age.

It is best to book well in advance of your outing as the vehicles tend to be in great demand throughout the year.

If you need to fill with gasoline during your outing, keep your receipt and claim gasoline expenses through the travel claim form for out of town travel. For many trips out of town, the most cost effective option may be renting a vehicle.

In order to receive reimbursement for expenses, a travel claim form must be completed/signed, approved by your Supervisor/Dean and then forwarded to the Financial Services Department for processing. Original receipts must support all claims. Refer to the Policy & Procedures Manual for further information including current rates of reimbursement.

For further information, please contact Gayle Lemire, 403.529.3920 or Carol Thompson 403.504.3532 in the Facility Operations Department.

International travel

MHC offers numerous opportunities for students and employees to gain global experience. However, this type of travel requires detailed planning to ensure risk to participants is managed appropriately. Consult the policy manual, and allow sufficient time for planning and approval.


Office supplies and purchasing resources

The best way to acquire the resources you require depends a lot on what you need.

Office and Computer Supplies
Your best bet is the Bookstore which stocks a wide range of supplies. All employees receive a 20% discount on personal purchases in
the store, excluding books and computer supplies. Please see the Administrative Assistant in your department to
determine if you are eligible to charge office supplies.

The Bookstore stocks all the required and reference texts for Medicine Hat College required courses. Personal book orders can be placed through the store. The Bookstore also buys and sells used textbooks. Additional information regarding buyback and dates can be obtained from the store.

For more information on textbooks or course information please contact:
Mario Bernhardt, 403.529.3805 or mbernhardt@mhc.ab.ca

Larger Purchases
MHC budgets expenses each year, so planning is almost required before acquiring capital items and equipment. Make sure your dean or supervisor is aware of your needs. Please refer to the Policy & Procedures Manual for information regarding purchase orders, direct acquisition, and purchasing cards.


Business cards, ID & name tags

Business Cards
Business cards can be ordered through Yvette Unrath in the Finance Department. Please contact Yvette regarding format and quantities at 403.529.3856 or email yunrath@mhc.ab.ca.

Name Badge
Human Resources will supply a new employee with their first name badge. Replacement name badges will be at the cost of the employee’s department and must be ordered through the Bookstore. For a replacement name badge, please contact Mario Bernhardt, 403.529.3805 or mbernhardt@mhc.ab.ca.

College ID
Photo ID is available from the Human Resources Department. The useful card serves as campus ID, library card, and is required for weight room access.

Lost and Found

Lost & Found is located at Campus Security in F128. Please direct all found items to their office. For more information or inquiries about lost items, please call the Campus Security office at 403-529-3911.