For MHC Employees

Faculty Association

Representing the educational professionals of Medicine Hat College, the Faculty Association of MHC is an organization that seeks the advancement of the educational process through the facilitation and enabling of those who bring forward the delivery of the many varied programs at this institution. In this regard The Faculty Association:

  • Acts as the recognized bargaining agent on behalf of its members.
  • Seeks to promote and maintain the professional interests and activities of the members of the Association.
  • Seeks to promote and maintain academic freedom at the College as defined by the Statement of Academic Freedom as accepted by the Association, the Administration, and the Board.
  • Seeks to promote and maintain adherence to the Standards of Professional Ethics and Relationships as accepted by the Association.
  • Seeks to promote and maintain the interests and general welfare of its members.
  • Seeks to deal with any other matters considered to be in the interests of the Association members, subject to the authority granted by any bylaws properly enacted, amended or repealed and subject to the provisions of the Colleges Act.

This association is dedicated to the principle that the provision of quality education to the students of MHC can only be achieved through the support, encouragement and enablement of those who deliver the programs at MHC. Visit the Faculty Association's independent website.

Salary & Contract

MHC Faculty Association Bylaws

Current Faculty Association Contract

Professional Development

All employees are encouraged to participate in professional development activities.

Faculty members have access to a fund known as the Professional Development Resources for Faculty (PDRF).

Please visit the VP Academic SharePoint site for the PDFR application form, guidelines, and deadlines or contact your Dean for more information.

Alberta College-Institute Faculties Association

The Faculty Association of Medicine Hat College is a founding member of the Alberta College-Institute Faculties Association. Visit the ACIFA site for a wide range of information, including the ACIFA MORGEX Award.