Rattlers Athletics

Mary Matthiessen

Mary Mathiessen

Mary was a member of the Athletics Department from 1983 to 2009. Mary’s personal goal was for each student-athlete to have a positive experience while at MHC and she worked tirelessly to achieve this goal. As a result of her devotion, Mary received the MHC Service Award in 1994-95.

Mary personally handled student-athlete’s eligibility, scholarships, travel arrangements and any other needs players and coaches may have had. She was also a key organizer for the annual Rattlers Awards Banquet, ensuring preparations, decorations, awards and entertainment were in place and that the student-athletes were well recognized.

Mary was a major volunteer for the Rattlers. As an inaugural member of the executive of the MHC Rattlers Booster Club, Mary served as Treasurer, and Bingo/Casino Coordinator for over 20 years. She played an integral role in every event hosted by the Booster Club. The MHC Rattlers Booster Club Scholarship Endowment fund exists today in large part to Mary’s efforts over the past 20 years.

Mary also volunteered on the organizing committees for 3 CCAA National Championships and a CCAA AGM hosted at MHC. She was well respected by many in the ACAC and CCAA and was a strong representative for MHC Athletics locally, provincially, and nationally.

The Matthiessen family became an energetic group of volunteers for Rattlers Athletics as a result of Mary’s tireless energy and devotion to the athletes and coaches. Mary was one of the Rattlers biggest fans.