Bill Yuill, honoary degree recipient

Honouring a local leader

Business person and philanthropist, Bill Yuill, left Medicine Hat College graduates with the following simple, yet valuable words of advice at this year’s convocation ceremony:

“Work hard - just a little bit harder than the person next to you."

"Keep your word, mean what you say."

"Be kind to others.”

As the 2017 recipient of MHC’s Honorary Applied Baccalaureate Degree, Yuill’s experience and contributions to society make him well-qualified to inspire the next generation of leaders.

According to Ken Sauer, a former honorary degree recipient who nominated and introduced the award winner, Yuill has followed in the footsteps of his father and grandfather with an entrepreneurial spirit and a strong desire to improve the region and lives of the people living here.

“Bill embodies the qualities revered by the college including scholarship, advancement of learning, social responsibility, creativity, innovation, enterprise and public service,” says Sauer.

In his role as chairman, president, and CEO of The Monarch Corporation, Yuill has led several projects in South East Alberta. Although his business ventures expand far beyond this corner of the world, he maintains Medicine Hat as his home base. Over the years, his company has invested in radio and television broadcasting, cable television, sports franchises, bus transportation, commercial real estate, and cattle ranching. He has also held board seats in publicly traded companies including Shaw Communications and Western Investment Company of Canada.

In addition to supporting worthy causes across the country, the Yuill Family Foundation has made several large donations to local projects in the name of Yuill’s parents. The Marjory E. Yuill Cancer Centre allows patients to receive treatment and remain close to home in the comfort of their own community. The new J.H. “Hop” Yuill Fitness Centre at Medicine Hat High School will give future generations the chance to experience one of Yuill’s passions: sports.

Yuill has held leadership roles with several leagues and teams in hockey, baseball, basketball, and golf. Through his sports interests, he has worked to connect young athletes to scholarship and training opportunities that will serve them for years to come.

His first contact with MHC was in the early 1990s when he was asked to help establish a foundation to fund capital projects. The results of those efforts have made MHC what it is today and will continue to support the education of students long into the future. Although other commitments prevented Yuill from remaining on the foundation committee, he is pleased with the growth of the college.

“Looking around the campus I see someone was on duty. It is just fabulous what has happened over the years.”

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