Eve Lacey

Eve Lacey doesn’t take no for an answer. Despite having people tell her she couldn’t do it all, Lacey enrolled in two Medicine Hat College programs simultaneously while working several part-time jobs, volunteering at school and in the community, and pursuing her passion for music.

How did she do it?

“There were tears,” admits Lacey with a smile. “And lots of coffee. I didn’t sleep much, but I really enjoyed everything that I was working on. It was worth it.”

She describes herself as a ‘passionate and freakishly outgoing person,’ but the word driven also comes to mind. Since 2014, she has finished diplomas from both the MHC police and security and the paramedic programs, and volunteered as a student ambassador, peer supporter, human rights committee member, and vice-president of the Paramedic Students’ Alliance. Off campus Lacey was just as busy, giving her time as a Big Sister, volunteering as a first responder, firefighter, and EMT, and establishing a name for herself as a musician.

While finding balance wasn’t always easy, Lacey is proud of what she achieved during her time as a student.

“I found who I was at MHC. I could say that the friends and social experiences were great - and they were - but what I loved most about my time at the college is that I discovered myself,” reflects Lacey.

“Many people did not commend that I wanted to pursue two programs and music at the same time, but I persevered and succeeded. I’m not a one-at-a-time type of person.”

Like school, Lacey has managed to run parallel careers in both fields, working as a correctional officer and paramedic. She’s also continuing her education with the criminal justice degree program through Athabasca University and dedicating more attention to her music.

Music has always been an important part of Lacey’s life. The Medicine Hat native started piano at age six and has since played tuba in her school’s band, studied guitar at MHC’s Conservatory of Music, and classically trained as a vocalist.

“Music is definitely an emotional and creative outlet for me. It’s like therapy. I love how music makes me feel.”

With a personal preference for country vocals and contemporary classical piano, Lacey has focused on finding her own style in recent years. In January, she released a music video for an original composition,
I Am Yours (You Are Mine), which was filmed in part at MHC and has been increasingly used as a processional.

Knowing her own mind and what she wants out of life, Lacey continues to be a woman of action who is inspired by others who are authentic and work hard for what they believe in. Her only regrets in life are the times where she’s done something – or not done something – based on the opinions of others.

“It is incredibly hard to be different. In the past, I’ve had anchors in my life that have held me back. That’s why I’ve done so much in a short period of time. I’m making up for time I lost when I was listening to too many outside voices.”

Now, Lacey is living life on her own terms. Her future goals include completing a master’s degree in criminal justice and continuing her musical education.

“What I do is truly for me. There is never an end to personal and professional growth.”