Jordan Pomrenke, Governor General Award recipient
Meet Jordan, accounting grad and recipient of the 2017 Governor General's Academic Medal

Q. Who is Jordan Pomrenke? Describe yourself in 10 words or less.
Prairie boy who likes to help people.

Q. What was the best part about growing up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan?
I loved the farm life. I started combining when I was 14 and that was my favorite thing to do. There was something about harvest time and seeing the crop come in. I also really enjoyed the community feel.

Q. Share an influential experience that helped shape who you are.
I went to Guatemala on two separate occasions prior to coming to MHC in 2015. Working with the organization, Fe Viva – Faith Alive – I was connected with the Stoves for Life program and spent two weeks replacing traditional cooking fires with safer, healthier stoves. My second trip was five months long and involved working in a children’s home and spending time with children from bad or abusive situations.

Q. Why did you choose MHC?
I came back from Guatemala unsure of what to do next. My sister was at MHC and liked it so I came here.

Q. What has been the best part of your college experience?
When you’re growing up and being talked to about going to university or college you hear things like ‘small class sizes’ but it doesn’t really mean much to you at the time. Especially being from a small town, I grew up with small class sizes and didn’t really understand the advantage.

But coming here and actually developing relationships with instructors was one of my favourite things about the college. I hear friends talking about their experiences at university and being just a number. At MHC you can build a relationship with instructors and go to their office with questions or just to chat. They’re instructing, but it almost feels like you’re hanging out.

Q. How has it changed who you are, or prepared you for your future?
Before coming to MHC, I really didn’t know anything about business so to see where I’m at two years later is encouraging. It’s crazy how much you learn in that short amount of time.

Q. Describe the work you’re doing as a STEP student at MHC over the summer.
I’m currently developing a business and retention plan for the Town of Redcliff. I’ve spent the summer doing surveys with businesses and community members, getting a feel for the town, and seeing what opportunities and gaps exist. The next step is to compare the results with other communities in North America to identify successful benchmarks and present the report to town council at the end of August.

The experience has been awesome. I’ve been making lots of connections and had opportunities for personal and professional growth. It’s definitely pushed me, though. I hate talking on the phone but I had to get over that pretty quick. I’ve been able to take everything I’ve learned in my first two years and apply it, but I’ve also learned there is still so much more to learn.

Q. You plan to return to MHC in the fall to focus on entrepreneurship and complete your Bachelor of Business Administration. What other goals have you set for yourself in the short and long term?
I plan to continue working with Enactus MHC, a student club that is part of a worldwide network that helps improve lives through entrepreneurship. During my first two years at MHC, I also learned about the Entrepreneur Development Centre which was a huge part of my decision to continue my degree here. I would love to start a business through the EDC in my third or fourth year.

Q. What was your reaction to receiving the Governor General's Academic Medal at Spring Convocation for having the highest GPA of all MHC students?
It was definitely a surprise. It blew me away to be at the top of not just my class, but the whole college. I always strive to do my best but to achieve this honour was significant for me. In high school, I just missed out on receiving this award so it was cool to win it at the next level of my educational journey.

Q. Knowing what you know now, what piece of advice do you wish you could go back and give to yourself prior to being a college student?
I would tell myself to be more involved right from the start and not worry about whether or not I’ll have time to do everything. And I wouldn’t wait for people to tell me what I need to know. I’d go out and discover what I want to learn.