Meet the Team

Medicine Hat College is proud to welcome top athletes from across the country at the 2018 PING CCAA Golf National Championships from Oct 15 - 19. Get to know your Rattlers and their thoughts on being a Rattler, the game they love and what they are looking forward to most about the upcoming competition. Be sure to come out and watch the Rattlers represent our college and community on a national stage. For complete championship information, please visit




Rattlers Golf: Ciara Bonogofski 

Ciara Bonogofski

Hometown: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Program: Bachelor of Nursing, 3rd year
Club of Choice: 7 iron

On being a Rattler:

It’s been a long journey of ups and downs with injuries. But a constant incline of never ending improvement. Rattlers Athletics shows you what it’s like to have a family on and off the court, field, and course. Once a Rattler always a Rattler.

Love of the game:
I like how diverse and welcoming golf is. For example, I've played with people who are hearing impaired, have one arm, or have muscular dystrophy or cerebral palsy. It is phenomenal that golf is such an amazing sport that you can play it from age 3 until 103. Golf is a sport that can be played by anyone and is easily adaptable to all needs.

Playing on a national stage:
It’s a huge honour to go to nationals and host them as well. It shows you that you are some of the best in the nation and that your hard work and dedication paid off and you truly earned it.

Rattlers Golf: David Coldham 

David Coldham

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Program: UT Education, 3rd Year
Club of Choice: 7 iron

On being a Rattler:

Being a Rattler means being part of something bigger than yourself.

Best part of MHC:
The feeling of community and family in the small school.

Love of the game:
I like how it is you against the course and yourself. 

Playing on a national stage:
It's the opportunity of a lifetime, and a chance I will probably never have again.  Hosting nationals gives us the chance to show off our city and golf course to the nation's golfers.

Rattlers Golf: Kent Lesko

Kent Lesko

Hometown: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Program: Bachelor of Business, 3rd Year
Club of Choice: Driver, ripped down the middle of the fairway

On being a Rattler:

You get to represent your school, and you get to share a common bond with people, and share certain goals with like-minded people. 

Love of the game:
Mostly it’s about the challenge. It appeases my competitive spirit and high expectations while being active.  It is also therapeutic for my ADD which is probably why I love to play so much. 

Playing on a national stage:
I will have a bond with my teammates and coaches forever because we got to share an experience that not everyone gets.  And we get to represent our entire school on a National level is pretty cool. For me personally, being a mature student, I did not think this type of opportunity was still there for me at this stage of the game.  I am very proud to be part of this experience because in all likelihood, this will be the pinnacle of my golf career as a player, and it is quite an accomplishment at that. 

Rattlers Golf: Becky Martin

Becky Martin

Hometown: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Program: General Studies
Club of Choice: Putter

On being a Rattler:
The great thing about being part of the Rattlers is that your team is bigger than just the golf team. There are more people involved and you get to see their work pay off as well.

Love of the game:
I started at the par 3 with my parents when I was younger, but didn’t start taking it more seriously till I was around 11 or 12. The junior league at the Medicine Hat Golf and Country Club was a great start. My favorite club is the putter. Good putting can turn a bad game into a good game, or a good game into a great game.

Playing on a national stage:
Nationals are always a special event, not only are you part of a special group of athletes, you are attending one of the best organized events in your life.  It’s the goal of the season, it’s nice to know that your work has paid off and you have a chance at winning it all.

Rattlers Golf: Brady Resch

Brady Resch

Hometown: Coronach, Saskatchewan
Program: Business Administration, 3rd Year
Club of Choice: 7 iron

On being a Rattler:

It’s about being part of a family.

Pre-game ritual:
Good breakfast, No more than 25 range balls, 5-10 uphill putts, ready to rock.

Favourite golfer:
Happy Gilmore. He defies all odds, overcomes his problems, and comes out better than ever.

Playing on a national stage:
Nationals is not something that just comes around every year, many athletes never get the chance to experience it, have to cherish the moment and enjoy every single second of it, good or bad. 

Rattlers Golf: Nicole Schultz 

Nicole Schultz

Hometown: Olds, Alberta
Program: Bachelor of Nursing, 3rd Year
Club of Choice: Irons


On being a golfer:
“I’m a Schultz, I had no choice.” I come from a golfing family, so I had a club in my hand when I was six years old. I only started to compete five years ago.

Pre-game ritual:
I’m a pretty social player so I enjoy talking to teammates and seeing where they are at. I go to the range and get comfortable with my swing, figure out my weight with putting and I am good to tee off.

Playing on a national stage:
This will be by third national championship. I'm looking forward to just enjoying the moment and making memories.

Thank you to the community for all the support that they have shown through the preparation of hosting nationals. This is truly a community effort and just adds to the experience of our golfing careers.

Rattlers Golf: Keaton Sulz

Keaton Sulz

Hometown: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Program: Power Engineering Technology, 2nd Year
Favourite Shot: 100 yard wedge shot

On being a Rattler:

It is a fun group of athletes, with national and global sporting experiences to talk about on road trips.

Love of the game:
As a first time college athlete, I enjoy the chance to have fun and compete at some great golf courses, with some exceptional golfers. And hitting iron shots to the hole.

Playing on a national stage:
It is the most significant tournament of my career, and the chance to compete in front of friends and family is exciting.

Thank you to the coaches for their dedication and guidance. And thank you to all the teams, courses, and volunteers that come out rain or shine, and ensure we have fun and competitive tournaments.

Rattlers Golf: Matthaus Taylor

Matthaus Taylor

Hometown: Lethbridge, Alberta
Program: UT Engineering, 1st Year
Club of Choice: Driver, off the deck

On becoming a Rattler:

I knew there was a great group of athletes going to MHC.

Love of the game:
It's the only sport where the field is different from day to day. Also, club twirls, lots of club twirls.

Pre-game ritual:
Jam to hip-hop in warmup, try to not jam my first tee shot in the schmeg.

Looking forward to:
The simple opportunity to compete on a national event on a challenging and ever-changing field. 

Rattlers Golf: Derek Whitson

Derek Whitson

Hometown: Chatham, Ontario
Program:  Education, 1st year
Club of Choice: Driver

Success in sport:
Being born with Cerebral Palsy, I have had to work harder than most to play at an elite level in sports. My experience includes:
  • National Sledge Hockey Team 2007-2016 (2 x Paralympian Vancouver/Sochi) Bronze in Sochi
  • 2013 World Champion - 2 x Sledge National Champions
  • National Soccer Team (Goalkeeper 2005-Present)
  • Ontario Jr. Golf Tour (2006-2007)

On being a Rattler: 
This was another opportunity to prove to myself that I had what it takes. Golf has been my favourite sport for a long time and I have wanted to be a Rattler since the day I moved to Medicine Hat four years ago. I am proud to be part of such an amazing institution and the Rattlers family.  

Love of the game:
It’s you vs the course and no one else. You get to play on a beautiful piece of land surrounded by great people. Best game in the world.

Rattlers Golf: Sierra Zulowski

Sierra Zukowski

Hometown: Medicine Hat, Alberta
Program: Visual communications, 2nd Year
Club of Choice: 7 iron

On being a Rattler:

I'm super proud of being a Rattler. I grew up in Medicine Hat watching Rattlers games and looking up to those players. Now that I'm a Rattler, I aspire to be someone that people can always count on to help out, be tough, and always play with my head up. We're really a little community of athletes, it doesn't matter what sport. There's so many good people in the organization and I'm glad that I can contribute.

Love of the game:
I love how much of a mental game it is. You have to stay in it and always be planning the next shot, going through options, but at the same time you have to check your thoughts and sometimes hold back a bit and just play. I think that's what separates people even more than skill perhaps, especially in competitive golf. If your head isn't in the right place, there's no way you can hit a good shot. The game has taught me a lot that I can apply to every day life about staying mentally tough and always moving forward.

Playing on a national stage:
It’s a huge honour to go to nationals and host them as well. It shows you that you are some of the best in the nation and that your hard work and dedication paid off and you truly earned it.