The CREMDP will involve the assembly of a microgrid on the Medicine Hat College campus that will:




Renewable technology developers need real world environments to test their products. CREMDP will provide a ‘plug and play’ environment in which energy system developers can evaluate prototypes, and showcase their technology.


Teach people from across North America how renewable energy systems can be used to solve community challenges in energy generation and carbon emissions mitigation.


Create a unique teaching and learning tool for MHC students, municipalities, land owners, and organizations seeking practical engagement in renewable energy solutions.


Q: Where is the microgrid located?

A: The grid is located beside the Medicine Hat College Cultural Centre.

Q: What does it look like?

A: The most visible aspects of the grid are a parking canopy in the Cultural Centre parking lot and two vertical axis wind turbines, all of which can be seen from the highway. The college has worked with relevant authorities to ensure there is no impact on traffic.

Q: How much energy will this create? (Will it power the whole college? Could it power the city?)

A: The solar canopy is projected to generate 170 MWh in the first year. The exact production of the wind turbines - which are a new design - will be evaluated on the grid. This amount of power isn't enough to power the campus, though it will reduce energy bills.

Q: How can I test my technology on the CREMDP?

A: If you have an innovative product you would like to test, please contact Mark Keller.

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For more information on the CREMDP please contact:

Mark Keller
Director of Advancement