Brooks Campus

Student Council

The Brooks Campus Student Council (BCSC) represents the student population at the Brooks Campus. The Student Council offers a variety of services to students including campus events and student health care benefits. The Student Council also supports the Peer Support Centre and the Student Ambassador program. New students are encouraged and welcomed to join these clubs. Volunteers are needed for the Peer Support Centre and Student Ambassador programs.

The Brooks Campus has 4 student positions that are elected each year:

  • Chairperson – Chief Executive Officer of the Association at the Brooks Campus and works closely with the Medicine Hat campus Students’ Association.
  • Director of Academics – Acts as the liaison between students and the College for any appeal, grievance or other issue.
  • Director of Activities – Responsible for organizing all events sanctioned by the BCSC and is the liaison between all recognized clubs and the BCSC. Also is responsible for coordinating the Peer Support Centre to ensure that it is available at the Brooks Campus.
  • Director at Large – Deals with any additional duties provided by the Chairperson of the BCSC.

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