Future Students

Full year registration: group types

Group One—Many Choices

As a student in a “many choice” program you may register on-line or in-person. Because of the wide range of choices available, we strongly recommend that you see an advisor before registering to develop your individual academic plan.


If you are a university transfer student, many options are available to you, but you may need to be extremely specific in your choices based on the program and institution you wish to transfer to. For example, if you plan for a typical university transfer sequencing for the University of Alberta engineering program – the University of Calgary engineering will not be able to accept many of your courses. Another example would be that some English courses (ENGL) are counted as “composition” courses at other institutions and will not transfer as a junior English option, but will at other institutions. Talking to an advisor (either in-person or by telephone appointment) can help you avoid challenges.


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