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Devoted to instructing students to reach their potential and enrich their lives through a greater appreciation of the performing arts.


Alberta Ballet School Summer Dance Program

August 12 - 16, 2019

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Bring Back the Music

This partnership provides children with an opportunity to experience the arts.

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About the Conservatory

Medicine Hat College is rightfully proud of its Conservatory of Music & Dance with a long and rich history dating back to the college’s earliest years in the late 1960s. Founded on the assumption that a small college in a small centre could still provide the very best cultural education and artistic enrichment to its community, the conservatory worked hard to attract professional musicians and dancers, often of a national stature, to serve as faculty and to enrich the city’s cultural life. Students have regularly continued to win outstanding recognition in competitions and festivals from local to international, and many have been recruited by top schools and embarked upon professional careers in music, dance and the arts. Through performances and other cultural events, the community continues to be blessed by a high level of cultural enrichment that is the envy of far larger centres.

 Both the city of Medicine Hat and the college have grown tremendously since the earliest years of the college and conservatory, in size as well as diversity of opportunity, cultural and otherwise. But the place of Medicine Hat College’s Conservatory of Music & Dance in the community – as a shining gem in the city’s rich cultural crown – remains unchanged.  Currently, over 1000 students benefit  annually from quality education in music and dance.  The conservatory continues to celebrate the success of its students, including singer and violinist Kalan Porter, winner of Canadian Idol 2005.

The Medicine Hat College Conservatory of Music & Dance is devoted to instructing students to reach their potential as musicians and dancers and to enrich their lives through a greater appreciation of the performing arts.

We invite you to join our rich variety of programs.

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Meet the Conservatory

Alicia Bigras, conservatory instructor
Alicia Bigras

Meet Alicia

Taelynn Boschee
Taelynn Boschee

Meet Taelynn

Christine Bootland, conservatory instructor
Christine Bootland

Meet Christine

Elaine Dobek-Shandro, conservatory instructor
Elaine Dobek-Shandro

Meet Elaine

Charity Goring, conservatory dance instructor
Charity Goring

Meet Charity

Shauna Kohls-Walters, conservatory instructor
Shauna Kohls Walters

Meet Shauna

Shee Ling, conservatory instructor
Shee Ling

Meet Shee

Katie-Anne Nemeth, conservatory instructor
Katie-Anne Nemeth

Meet Katie-Anne

Mark Niedermayer, conservatory instructor
Mark Niedermayer

Meet Mark

Lyle Rebbeck, conservatory instructor
Lyle Rebbeck

Meet Lyle

Stephanie Schmaltz, conservatory instructor
Stephanie Schmaltz

Meet Stephanie

Con Shandro, conservatory instructor
Constantine Shandro

Meet Constantine

Susan Supeene, conservatory instructor
Susan Supeene

Meet Susan

Bradley van Middelkoop, conservatory instructor
Bradley van Middelkoop (on leave 2018-2019)

Meet Bradley

Gavin Ward, conservatory instructor
Gavin Ward

Meet Gavin

Mark Ward, conservatory instructor
Mark Ward

Meet Mark

Justine Wilks, conservatory instructor
Justine Wilks

Meet Justine