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Whether you want to explore new career possibilities or advance in your current job, Continuing Studies offers a variety of courses when, where and how you need them, with online and in-person options available so you can LIVE and LEARN!

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Medicine Hat

Crisis Leadership Coaching and Resilience (Starts Oct 17; Register by Oct 10)
Through a combination of self-study and live group mentoring and group coaching, students will learn the essentials of crisis management so they can support or shift their culture to one that is better prepared for the unexpected. The strategies and tools in this course apply to multi-disciplinary, multi jurisdictional agencies.

Certificate in Interpersonal Communication (Starts Nov 18, Register by Nov 10)
This series of four courses will help you learn to build positive relationships, turn negative situations into win-win, learn tools and techniques that allow you to effectively deal with negative or stressful situations, and assist you in learning how to communicate more successfully in any situation.

Performance Management Certificate (Starts Nov 22; Register by Nov 15)
In this course participants learn how to develop employees and handle on-going communication provide feedback and support for employees. Participants learn how to coach, how to communicate effectively, how to conduct an appraisal meeting, how to help others to set goals in line with business objectives and how to motivate them to operate at peak performance.

Cross Connection Control Testers Specialist Certification (Starts Nov 29)
Cross Connection Control is a systemic approach used to protect our drinking water from pollution and contamination. This course covers a comprehensive description and hands-on testing of the backflow prevention devices used to protect our drinking water.



Keys to Effective Communication (Starts Oct 12)
Become more confident, make great first impressions, get along with others, and create better personal and professional relationships. This course provides a step by step process to become a great conversationalist as you use communication to build rapport and create trust, warmth, and respect.

Introduction to Interior Design (Starts Oct 12)
Learn to transform plain living spaces into beautiful and functional rooms. This course will teach you how to design every aspect of a room while taking into account color theory, industry trends, special arrangements, floor plans, design ideas, and interior design basics.

12 Steps to a Successful Job Search (Starts Oct 12)
Learn how to get the job you want quickly, easily, and in any economy from a world-renowned author and career advisor. This course will help you identify the job that is best for your needs and provide complete step-by-step instructions on how to land it.

Introduction to C# Programming (Starts Oct 12)
Learn the fundamentals of computer programming with the C# programming language. This course uses hands-on practice, examples and assignments to develop your knowledge of C# programming by using a state-of-the-art language to build impressive applications on your very own computer.


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