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Introduction to Microsoft Office Applications for the PC (Starts Sept. 29)
This course is a great starting point if you are taking the Level 1A classes of the Office Suite or any of the certificate programs.

Introduction to Bookkeeping (Starts Oct. 5)
Introductory theory-based course designed for individuals who will be doing books for small businesses. Delivers the necessary theory and fundamental practices to pursue computerized bookkeeping projects.

Fundamentals of Microsoft Word (Starts Oct. 8)
An introduction to Microsoft Word - discover the basics of creating great Word documents

Creating a Successful Business Plan (Starts Oct. 8)
A business plan is a formal document for measuring business goals with set objective and tactics for achieving those goals. The most common reasons why people create business plans are when they are looking to finance a new business idea. However, business plans should be done every three to five years.

Discover a complete listing of MHC’s Continuing Studies Certificates in career programs, occupational health and safety, management, project management, computers, and home inspection.

Learn about management, project management, quality management, business communication and productivity, marketing, social media, health care, legal assistant, GED Prep courses and conferences.

FALL 2020

Find introductory computer courses, Microsoft Office courses, bookkeeping, AutoCAD, digital graphic, programming and more.

FALL 2020

Explore a complete listing of our trades (electrical, power engineering, welding, plumbing), pre-employment, asbestos abatement and home inspection courses.

FALL 2020

Explore our online safety training 24/7, for all your online safety, driver, electrical, and equipment training needs.


We partner with leading experts in online training to deliver diverse and flexible training opportunities. Partners include ed2go and ugotclass.


There's something for everyone! Learn more about music, language, lifestyle and youth programs.

FALL 2020


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