Continuing Studies


(4 Days, 24 hours, 2.4 CEUs)

Day 1
Build Learning Foundation - Introductions

  • Talk about where you are with this course - PCIHO Framework discussion
  • 5 Mistakes in Goal Setting/Goal achieving
  • Clarify training expectations
Understanding Personality
  • Introduction to Personality Inventory: True Colors
  • Identifying how personality types influence communication, conflict development and its resolution
  • Recognize motivations behind difficult behaviours.

Day 2
Personality Under Stress
  • Reframe perception
  • Recognize: Connection between personality and stress
  • Identify Stressors in you and others - non-verbal cues associated with assertive, aggressive and non-assertive behaviour.
  • Awareness: what adds to communication barriers and how to deal with it.
  • Learn about stress, its impact on communication and how individuals can cope effectively with it.
Problem Solving Strategies
  • Team Problem Solving
  • Perspective – it depends on how you look at it
  • Method: From the inside out
  • Shared Thinking

Day 3
Communicating to Connect
  • Managing Difficult Conversations
  • Clarify: Listen to understand, different perspectives, Assess individuals’ current listening skills
  • Modify: Adjust your approach; develop strategies to become a more effective listeners, especially in conflict situations.
  • Personal space, body language, voice qualities
Accountability Conversations
  • Together We’re Better
  • Team accountability

Day 4
Team Development
  • Understand stages of team development and its potential for conflict and impact on performance.
  • FORMING: values, clarity
  • STORMING: Trust, empathy, relationships, conflict resolving
  • NORMING: Responsibility, Team building
  • PERFORMING: Strengths driven
Thinking for Success
  • Develop critical thinking skills to enhance decision making in high stress situations
  • Coaching: What’s working, what’s not - discussion
  • Set individual goals for applying communication training to the workplace.