Continuing Studies

Canada-Alberta Job Grant

Your organization can receive money to put towards training!

Note: If you are intending on applying for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant please ensure you DO NOT register & pay for your course prior to gaining grant acceptance, or your CAJG application will be denied. Contact our office – Medicine Hat Campus – 403.539.3874 or Brooks Campus – 403.362.1675 and let us know you intend to register pending Grant approval.


NEW: CAJG now offers more training incentives to employers

  • 100% of training cost covered for eligible unemployed hires (up to $15,000) with incremental training requirement waived
  • Sole proprietors can now train their employees using CAJG
  • Assistance on travel costs for small and medium-sized organizations when training is over 100km one way

NOW is the time to take advantage of a great training opportunity to upskill existing employees for one-third of the tuition costs! The Canada-Alberta Job Grant provides up to $10,000 per person and $300,000 per employer per annum in funding to train your employees. This is a perfect opportunity to get your employees the training they need to maximize their skillset, improve employee retention and moral, and improve your bottom line!

Medicine Hat College is a leading provider of training and professional development solutions in Southern Alberta. We want to help your organization get the specific skills-based training you need under the Canada-Alberta Job Grant!

How will it benefit me?

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant will help employers invest in the development of their current and future workforce, increasing productivity and giving them the skills they need to grow with your company. Develop a strong workforce that will make your organization stand out. Learn more.

What costs are covered?

The Canada-Alberta Job Grant provides significant savings to employers looking to pursue training for their employees. The grant covers two-thirds of the direct training costs for qualifying programs and courses, and the employer is required to pay the remaining third. Government funding can cover a maximum of $10,000 per employee.

Learn more about the qualifications and application process, including videos and FAQ’s.

How to start:
  1. Identify your employee(s) and training needs.
  2. Select the appropriate training program (must be a minimum of 21 hours and completed in one year).  Courses can be bundled to meet this requirement.
  3. Apply for funding approval (application form must be submitted at least 30 days before training start date). Let us know you are awaiting funding approval and we will reserve a seat for you!
  4. Call our Corporate Training Officer at 403.504.2248 to reserve seats in a program while you are waiting for your application to be approved.
Continuing Education programs that qualify for funding:
Certificate programs:

Click on individual program links to learn more, or view our catalogue for all Continuing Education offerings.

If you have specific training needs, please contact our Corporate Training Officer at 403.504.2248. We would be pleased to customize a training program for you!

Last updated June 2019