Continuing Studies


One of my favorite leadership saying is “Every leader should look over their shoulder regularly to see if anyone is actually following him/her!” Anyone willing to follow a leader into “battle” today has a much different view of what is required of an effective leader as compared to the historical view of strong leadership. Hard skills, such as business, strategic and financial planning certainly are very important. Charisma and power have become much less important in providing for influence as compared to leadership characteristics such as self-awareness, caring, humility and authenticity. The concept of “soft” skills such as motivation, purpose, communication, and emotional intelligence have garnered much attention in recent leadership application theories and will provide some of the core themes in this Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence course. A number of activities and problem-solving opportunities using realistic scenarios will be utilized to supplement the content of the course.

Day 1 - Leadership Skills 101

  • Management and Leadership
  • Good and Bad Bosses
  • Characteristics of successful leaders considering today’s employees
  • Identify your primary leadership style
  • The situational leadership style
  • The important role of common sense
  • Basic human motivation
  • The Purpose Effect
  • Managing time and energy

Day 2 - The Authentic Leadership Framework

  • The authentic leadership framework
  • The authentic leadership playbook
  • Authentic leadership assessment
  • Production / Production Capacity
  • The Science of good leadership
  • Receiving and sending messages
  • What makes for good collaboration?
  • Perspective and empathy
  • The emotional bank account

Day 3 - Communication Essentials and the Role of Emotional Intelligence

  • The role of personality in communication
  • Providing effective feedback
  • Employee engagement
  • The importance of trust
  • Trust-building playbook
  • What does it mean to be "professional"?
  • EQ Assessment
  • The emotional intelligence framework
  • The emotional intelligence playbook

Day 4 - Leading your Team

  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Leadership Activity
  • Leadership Presentations