Continuing Studies


(3 Days, 21 hours, 2.1 CEUs)

Day 1: Seller
Personality Assessment

  • Understanding self and others results in being able to adjust communication to the needs of the customer.
Selling to Styles
  • Relationship with sales: What negative thoughts come to mind?
  • Mindset/beliefs re: sales: Can’t outperform self belief – re-program mindset

Day 2: Seller
Time Management / Goal Setting
  • Productivity versus Activity – how different styles
  • Maximize efficiency by aligning your priorities – 3 R’s
  • Overcome procrastination – Steven Covey’s 4 quadrant model
Problem Solving / Strategies
  • Strategies to resolve customer concerns
  • Strategies to selling to customer personalities
  • Strategies to develop as the seller

Day 3: Buyer
Sabotage a Customer Experience Communication
  • Complaints: Move customer complaints to opportunities – Connecting principles
  • Loyalty: Build customer loyalty
  • Empathy: Verbal skills to express empathy
  • First impressions and beyond
  • Develop an exceptional service attitude – 7 guidelines for service
  • Maintain professionalism under pressure
Next Steps
  • Develop critical thinking skills to enhance exceptional customer service
  • What are we doing well? What could we do better?
  • Coaching: What’s working, what’s not?
  • Set individual goals for applying customer training