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Joint Work Site HS Committee/HS Representative Training (Start Oct. 29)
These course will cover practical, and essential information to assist employers, supervisors and HSC/HS representatives in their roles on the joint work site health and safety committees.

Women in Welding - Dragonfly/Butterfly (Starts Oct. 22)
Want to create a modern piece of metal art? In this course, you will learn how to safely use various materials, tools, and techniques for basic welding to make an 8” and 12” dragonfly or butterfly. You will learn welding safety and the theories of welding including how to heat and bend metal for the body as well as attached washers for the wings.

Basic Electrical for the Homeowner (Starts Oct. 24)
Gain hands-on experience and the confidence to tackle home electrical projects! Learn how to change outdated light fixtures, switches and wall outlets.

Asbestos Abatement Certification (Starts Oct. 26)
This is a two-day course facilitated by Alberta Safety & Environmental Services (AES) Ltd. Course covers Asbestos Overview, Health Effects of Exposure to Asbestos, Asbestos and Alberta OHS Legislation, Regulations and Codes and Asbestos Abatement Methods.

Outdoor and Night Photography (Starts Oct. 21)
We will learn to and be shooting low light scenes, night cityscapes, light painting and night portrait photography.

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Discover a complete listing of MHC’s Continuing Studies Certificates in career programs, occupational health and safety, management, project management, computers, and home inspection.

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Learn about management, project management, quality management, business communication and productivity, marketing, social media, health care, legal assistant, GED Prep courses and conferences.

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Find introductory computer courses, Microsoft Office courses, bookkeeping, AutoCAD, digital graphic, programming and more.

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Explore a complete listing of our trades (electrical, power engineering, welding, plumbing), pre-employment, asbestos abatement and home inspection courses.

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Find a listing of our occupational health and safety, Canadian mental health and food sanitation and hygiene courses.

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Discover courses related to solar energy, cannabis and BlockChain.

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We partner with leading experts in online training to deliver diverse and flexible training opportunities. Partners include Experfy, ed2go and ugotclass.

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There's something for everyone! Learn more about art and leisure, photography, food and beverage, child and youth, language and communication and recreation classes.

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