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New Programs at MHC

Medicine Hat College is committed to creating new opportunities for learning and growth. We are pleased to announce several new programs in development for Fall 2022.

Fall 2022

Service Dog and Canine Studies Management
First of its kind in Canada, MHC’s Service Dog and Canine Studies Management is an exciting new opportunity that prepares students for a career in a wide range of canine related fields including the specialized service dog industry. This program explores canine care and a variety of dog training techniques while having the student train a service dog for a specific disability that will be placed with an actual client at the end of their schooling.

Sport & Event Marketing and Management
The Sport and Event Marketing and Management diploma program is designed to prepare students for careers in a wide range of sport and event related enterprises and activities, this program examines the industry from behind the scenes, looking at business and consumer relationships, leadership and promotions, as well as the organization and advancement of sporting and entertainment events.

Sustainable Innovation
Also first of its kind in Canada, MHC's Sustainable Innovation diploma, with majors in Business or Science, provides students with the ability to develop, implement and lead sustainable innovation strategies in diverse industries. Students will acquire just-in-time experience learning to develop the skills and competencies needed to analyze and evaluate the detailed ecosystems that reinforce and support our built environment.


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What are Microcredentials?
Focused on specific skills and competencies, microcredentials are short, concentrated groups of courses that respond to industry needs. With flexible delivery and scheduling options, microcredentials can offer a customized approach to the evolving needs of learners. MHC’s first microcredentials include:

  • UAV Drone Advanced Pilot Training,
  • Rainwater Harvesting,
  • Permaculture Design, and
  • Tourism and Hospitality Management.

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