Accessibility & Tutoring Services

Medicine Hat College is committed to ensuring that each student is afforded an academic environment that has been developed on the principles of equality, respect for individual differences and academic integrity. Within the resources available, the college will endeavour to provide educational opportunities for post-secondary education students with disabilities.

Please contact the Accessibility Services Office at 403.529.3824 to make an appointment, preferably three months prior to start of your program. MHC requires documentation of disability area from a specialist/professional (ie. medical doctor, specialist, psychologist) in the disability area in order to put accommodations into place.

Students with learning disabilities should bring their most recent IPP and other documentation from their high school.

For more information, please review the following:

accessibility posters




  • Students with learning disabilities
  • Students with ADD/ADHD
  • Students who are deaf, deafened or hard-of-hearing
  • Students with a wide variety of physical disabilities
  • Students with medical disabilities
  • Students with psychiatric disabilities
  • Students who are blind or partially sighted


  • alternate format of printed materials
  • exam accommodations, including all extra time to write exams, isolated setting
  • note-takers
  • oral exams
  • preferential seating
  • reduced course load
  • tutoring
  • use of assistive technology


If you are a student with a permanent, documented disability, you may be eligible for governmental funding for assistive services (examples include tutoring, note-taking, interpretation, assistive technology and other such supports).

Please contact [name here] for more information.

MHC is widely accessible to students with physical disabilities and is continuously working towards removing any barriers that are identified. The following is a list of some of the accessibility features on campus:

  • Cafeteria
    Accessible through cashier area
  • Chair Lift
    Located inside G-wing door, closest to East parking lot, it provides access to gymnasium, and requires assistance of equipment room staff
  • Doors
    Several automated entrance doors, including main entrance
  • Computer labs
    Several accessible computer labs on campus
  • Elevators
    Three elevators for student use
  • Accessible Parking
    Located near main entrances in several locations
  • Lockers
    May be adapted to suit physical accessibility needs upon request
  • Student Residence
    Three units customized (and adaptable) for students with mobility impairments or sensory impairments (total of seven beds available)
  • Washroom facilities
    Accessible washrooms available in several locations
  • Courtesy Phone with Volume Control
    Located in L wing hallway and at the entrance to the Students’ Association in C wing (hearing aide compatible)

Medicine Hat College (MHC) is committed to providing access and supports to diverse learners and created a stand-alone policy on this topic in 2017.

Policy SD-05 and its related procedures (PR-SD-05-01) are available through the college’s policy webpage.

The purpose of this policy is to confirm and define the rights and responsibilities of MHC, its employees, and students with documented disabilities with respect to academic accommodation at MHC. The college will provide a supportive learning environment for students with documented disabilities while maintaining the academic integrity of the programs.

The first step for anyone who may need to access the accommodations and support services available through the accessibility services office at MHC is to schedule an appointment with the accessibility services coordinator at least 2 months (if possible) before the commencement of classes.  Early identification and planning are critical to a successful academic career at MHC.


The following supports and services are available to all Medicine Hat College students:


Tutoring Service

The accessibility tutoring service is available to students who are registered with Accessibility Services and need intensive and timely support.

Our tutor can help students with a variety of courses and subjects, such as math, physics, humanities and trades.

Jian Gao
Accessibility Services Tutor/Assistive Technologist
Room B344


* Priority is given to students who registered with our office; however, other students can get help if the schedule allows.

Contact Us

Tara Watkins
Accessibility Services Coordinator
Room B336

Sharon Frederick
Accessibility Services Assistant
Room B367