Early Alert and Academic Probation

Students who experience academic challenges can access customized modules to find solutions. Medicine Hat College has two processes to support students experiencing academic challenges:

  • Early Alert
  • Academic Probation

Both processes are designed to support students in their academic success and encourage students to recognize their challenges and seek solutions. Click the buttons below to learn more about each process.


All students seeking a self-reflection tool and additional support can self-enroll in the Early Alert Module, a self-facilitated process that assists students to reflect upon factors that may have affected their success.

Policy, Resources & Guides

Medicine Hat College’s Academic Probation policy is found in the Academic Regulations & Policies section of the Medicine Hat College Calendar

Resourceful students are successful students. Awareness of the supportive services that MHC offers can aid in your academic success. Explore the services below or book an appointment online.

Academic Advising
Medicine Hat College has Academic Advisors to help you reach your educational goals. Each of our advisors is responsible for providing advice to students in their program areas regarding college policies, regulations and procedures. They can help you find out about admission and graduation requirements, as well as provide you with guidance and support.


Academic Coaching Services
Academic coaching is a free student support service offered to all MHC students. Coaching techniques are often effective for a wide range of individuals, such as first-year students who are transitioning from high school to college, student-athletes striving to balance school and sports, those who struggle academically, individuals diagnosed with learning disabilities, and high achieving students with extraordinary goals.


Accessibility Services
Medicine Hat College is committed to ensuring that each student is afforded an academic environment that has been developed on the principles of equality, respect for individual differences and academic integrity. Within the resources available, the college will endeavour to provide educational opportunities for post-secondary education students with disabilities.


The on-campus chaplain is a spiritual guide and support, primarily to students. Your chaplain will engage with any member of the college community in confidentiality, accepting their pre-existing spiritual values and beliefs while encouraging further spiritual thought and growth.


Financial Aid
Financial Aid item options Attending college provides new opportunities, but it can also bring new expenses including tuition, books, and day-to-day living costs. Our goal is to make sure these expenses do not become a barrier to your education. We will work with you to find the right funding option.


Indigenous Support
MHC Indigenous Services are here to support all students with resources and information in regards to First Nations, Métis and Inuit culture, and assist with the integration and education of Indigenous culture on campus.


Personal Counselling
With college life comes new experiences, new expectations and new pressures. If you are struggling with issues like depression or addiction, or are having a tough time managing stress or finding a balance between school and life, MHC's counselling services are here to help. Personal counselling services are free and confidential.


Student Employment and Career Centre
The supports offered through the Student Employment and Career Centre (SECC) are free to all MHC students.This includes career advising, vocational interest assessments, assistance with resume/cover letter development, mock interviews, employment-related workshops, and job search guidance. The Student Employment and Career Centre also offer on-campus employer presentations, the Career Expo, the Community Job Fair, and job posting database to connect students with regional employment opportunities.


Writing Support
Working with the Writing Specialist, students are provided practical writing support that supplements in-class instruction and helps them understand a wide variety of writing assignments including essays and research projects in all disciplines and programs.


Click the button below to learn how to navigate the Student Success Planner module for students placed on academic probation.


Click the button below to learn how to self-enroll in the Early Alert module.


Contact Us

Justine McKennie
Academic Strategist
Tel: 403.529.3819

Nicholas Langat
Academic Probation Committee Chair
Tel: 403.504.3588