Student Logins

Access links to college applications including portal, dashboard, webmail and blackboard.

If you forgot your password, click here.


  • Register for classes
  • Confirm your schedule
  • Change your address
  • Click here for payment options

  • Browse course materials
  • Check your unofficial grades

  • Communicate with fellow students and staff

  • Forgot Username or Password?
  • Print T2202 tax forms
    • Do you qualify? Click here T2202 info
    • Are you a Continuing Studies student? Log in to access tax receipts (beginning for the 2020 tax year). Available week of Mar. 1, 2021.
  • Create virtual student ID
  • Check your account balance
  • View your personal class and exam schedule
  • Sync your schedule to your mobile phone
  • Apply to graduate
  • Pay a registration deposit
  • Change an address/phone number
  • Request a transcript
  • Submit a program major change (note: some programs require a full application)
  • Verification of enrolment
  • Securely submit Social Insurance Number (SIN)”

Expectations of technology usage

Students are required to respect and utilize Medicine Hat College computer resources and services for professional and business use only. email accounts are intended to be used for academic reasons only, as is the internet, and the software that has been installed on your computer.

Student Email Service & Tips

Most students will have a Gmail email address with the following format:

For example: 
Joe Canuck with student ID 30000123 would sign in like this:

User Name: Joe.Canuck

Password: For most new students, your first password will be the first three letters of your month of birth, with the first letter capitalized, followed by the four digits of your year of birth and the last three digits of your Student ID Number.


    Joe Canuck's student ID number: 30000123
    Joe Canuck's birthday: June 1990
    Joe Canuck’s password: Jun1990123

Please note that this username and password will allow you to log on to college computers and access all services including, Blackboard Learning Management System, MHC-Wifi wireless, etc. For more information click here.

To forward your student Google email to another email address, follow these instructions from Google.

To receive your student Google email on your smartphone, download the Gmail app here.