Energy Conservation

MHC is always looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and as areas are renovated they receive upgrades.  Please help by following these tips:

  • Turn off lights in unused spaces.
  • Enable “sleep” mode on your computer.
Water Consumption

MHC’s practice is to install low flow toilets and urinals as older spaces are renovated. We have also installed automatic taps to reduce waste at sinks and basins.

The campus is kept green in our semi-arid climate by using water from the regional irrigation system. This untreated water should not be consumed.

Recycling Program

MHC currently recycles paper products and beverage containers. Large industrial bins are available in the Trades area for metal and wood recycling. Plastics are not currently accepted.

Electronic Waste Disposal

Small e-waste items may be brought to the loading dock at the city's facility. Please, no large applicances or televisions.

Renewable Energy

Medicine Hat College is in the process of implementing solar energy technologies into the operations of our campus. Read more about our research and innovation here.  

Join Us!

The Environment Stewardship Committee is comprised of a cross section of college employees and meets monthly to advocate for the environment and plan improvements and action. To become a member of the committee, contact your supervisor.