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Rattlers alum shares secrets of her success

From 2007 – 2012, Megan Nagy was a name heard often in the media for her success on the court as a highly-respected member of the Medicine Hat College (MHC) Rattlers women’s volleyball team.

During her time as a Rattler, Nagy, now Dehod, received many accolades including All Canadian Academic Athletic awards and being named to the First Team All-Star each year that she put on her MHC jersey. In her final year, she was awarded the Female Athlete of the Year and the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association Player of the Year.

Her success was not only an individual feat, as Dehod led her team to the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) Women’s Volleyball National Championship for the first time in program history.

MHC & Beyond
Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from MHC and Athabasca University, Dehod went on to play one season of professional volleyball in Laon, France before trading the court for the sand as a member of the Canadian Beach Volleyball National Team where she currently represents Canada on the Fédération Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB) World Tour.

Her success doesn’t stop there as the MHC alumna has also added Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Coach, Holistic Cancer Practitioner, and Certified Yoga Instructor to her resume.

Dehod’s choice to begin her professional and athletic career at MHC was influenced by the institution’s proximity to her hometown of Bredenbury, Saskatchewan, the small class sizes, and dedication of the faculty to engage with their students. There was also a feeling of comfort and familiarity with the school and athletics program having attended Rattler’s volleyball camps in years prior.

When reminiscing about her favourite experiences as a MHC student, Dehod recalls, “6 a.m. practices and 10 a.m. naps. The wraps from the cafeteria are amazing and living in residence is certainly a highlight as well. The townhouses and proximity of your friends is something you won’t experience later in life and was incredibly fun and unique. I loved “The Midnight Run Club” and hanging out on the couches in the foyer between classes. Oh, so many memories!”

Dehod acknowledges that her time and education at MHC has prepared her to take “bigger and bigger leaps”, adding her coach was hugely influential in her development both personally and professionally.

“My degree has been critical in building my own business, and my experience as a Rattler shaped my athletic career by giving me the unwavering belief that I could push past any obstacles to achieve my goals. I was undeterred by bumps in the road and knew that if I just kept showing up, my determination would pay off.

"Life isn’t planned,” adds Dehod. “But if you continue to do the things you love, it’ll take you to some amazing places. The support of a small town community makes you feel like you can take on the world.”

And that's exactly what she's done. 

A day in the life
A day in the life for Dehod entails a morning beach volleyball practice, working virtually with clients throughout the day, an afternoon workout or yoga session, and a relaxing evening involving some form of learning or reading, going for walks, chats with family or friends, and the occasional Netflix show. She’s also started group coaching sessions and teaching more yoga classes.

Dehod admits she did not know what she wanted to be ‘when she grew up’, but turned to MHC as an outlet for pursuing both her love for volleyball and an education that would give her options for her future.

Since graduating from college, Dehod says her goal is to become the best she possibly can, in sport, life and what she can contribute to the people she coaches.

“I chose a career in nutrition and self-improvement because those are the things I noticed I was spending my spare time researching while I was playing in France. I love helping people achieve the big goals and dreams they never thought possible for themselves and helping them see that they’re capable of so much more than what they have been creating.”

Secrets of her success
“Keep showing up”, and “feel the fear, do it anyway” are the mantras that have motivated Dehod to achieve her own success, and she’s sure to share these statements with the athletes she now works with.

“I want to be a champion for small town athletes that think their journey ends at the collegiate level, or who maybe think they can’t make it to the collegiate level. There are certainly people more athletic than I am that are not on the national team — it’s the resolve I had that pushed me to greater heights in sport, and I know I can help other athletes think bigger.”

She’s recently developed a seminar that teaches athletes to coach themselves out of negative spiraling thought patterns using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The technique enables athletes to communicate with teammates and coaches more effectively and provides them with tools that disrupt the negative thought patterns that get in the way of achieving the success they desire. The intention is to help athletes understand that mental training is just as important as the physical, and sometimes even more.

With regards to beach volleyball, Dehod adds that she never takes for granted the opportunity to put on that Canadian jersey and represent our country.

“I’ve gotten to see the world competing in a sport I absolutely love. I am a part of growing beach volleyball across Canada and seeing it develop and grow among younger and younger kids each year. And that’s an amazing feeling.”

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