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MHC apprentice awarded fastest in Canada

Competing for time against apprentices from across Canada, fourth year Medicine Hat College (MHC) electrician, Nathan Chapman, has won the title of fastest in Canada and $2000 in awards from the IDEAL National Championship, 'Battle of the Schools,’ which took place in October.  

Participating postsecondary institutions welcomed IDEAL to their labs, where apprentices participated in qualifying events to test how quickly they can complete tasks. After a number of activities, Chapman was not only awarded fastest in his class, but also in Canada. 

Amanda Hennessey, electrician instructor at MHC, says the competition was a good opportunity for students to try different tools while putting their skills to the test.

“I think just having the experience and being willing to participate is important in competitions like these. It's a little bit nerve wracking to get up and do something while everyone's watching you, so it rewards the courage,” says Hennessey, who adds that MHC participated as a way for students to practice and have fun while they learn. 

The events tested wiring skills that are typically reflected in residential projects. Despite having little work experience in this area, Chapman believes his understanding of skills learned in class helped him to succeed, while also allowing him to practice new techniques.

“It’s pretty cool, I didn’t expect to win,” says Chapman. “Thank you to IDEAL for [the award], it’s going to help out a lot, definitely while in school.”

In addition to Chapman’s individual prize, MHC will also receive $2,500 worth of tools and supplies from IDEAL.

“We’re very excited that Nathan won, we’re very proud of him, and we're very honored that we also got a prize package so we can help get more tools in the students’ hands and better our program,” says Hennessey.

To learn more about the electrician program offered at MHC, visit www.mhc.ab.ca.